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Misuzu Hiiragi
Japanese Name 柊みすず
Romaji Hiiragi Misuzu
First Appearance Persona 4

Misuzu Hiiragi is a minor non-player character in Persona 4. She is a popular enka singer of "Someone Else's Man".



Misuzu is a woman with long brown hair tied into a bun, brown eyes and wears purple eye shadow. She wears a red kimono with pink sash with a design.

In Persona 4 The Animation she wears a tan colored sash.


Persona 4Edit

Misuzu Hiiragi is married to city council secretary Taro Namatame. However, her popularity as an enka singer and her husband's passion for his job put a strain on their relationship.

When it was revealed that her husband had an affair with TV announcer Mayumi Yamano, she then filed for divorce.

The protagonist never meets her in the game, but she is mentioned often and seen in posters. Some of these posters are found in the TV; at the world that Mayumi Yamano created, with all of their faces cut out to show Mayumi's disdain for her.


Posters of Hiiragi in the TV world
Hiiragi in the Persona 4 manga
Misuru Hiragi appear in anime
Misuzu Hiiragi in Persona 4 The Animation

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