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Miyabi Hanakouji
Also known as... Hanaji, Kozy, Fatty
Japanese Name 華小路 雅 or ハナジー
Romaji Hanakōji Miyabi
First Appearance Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Date of Birth 10/25
Age 17
Zodiac Scorpio
Blood Type A

Miyabi Hanakouji is a second year Seven Sisters High School atudent and the classmate of Lisa Silverman and Tatsuya Suou. She works on the school newspaper. She has the nickname "Hanaji" (nosebleed) from the time she got a nosebleed in the girls' locker room. In the official English translation however, she is nicknamed as "Kozy" from her frequent sleeping habits around the school.

Appearances Edit

Personality Edit

Miyabi is a nice, quiet, chubby girl, she seems rather attached to Eikichi, who only knows that she's a Sevens student named Hanaji who likes Gas Chamber.

Profile Edit

  • Favorite Reading: Lettuce Club (a cooking magazine)
  • Hobby: Cooking

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Edit

When she's kidnapped by Sugimoto and taken to the Zodiac, the truth was revealed she's the same Miyabi Hanakouji that Eikichi Mishina had had a crush on since he was a kid. When they were children, she was pretty and popular, and Eikichi was chubby and shy, but they were best friends. Jealous boys pulled down Eikichi's pants in front of Miyabi, and told him that Miyabi hated fat people.

Out of guilt, Miyabi let herself go and became the chubby girl she was today, so when the New and Improved Eikichi met her, he didn't recognize her, and she was too ashamed to tell him who she was. Now she wishes to be skinny again so that she can look good for Eikichi so she uses the Joker Charm, gets her wish of becoming skinny again, and goes off with Shadow Eikichi. Eikichi has to rescue her from the Scorpio Mansion, and then they have a heart to heart. Eikichi tells her that he loves her no matter what she look likes. After that, she stays in the Gatten, waiting for Eikichi to come back from his battles.


Thin Miyabi as she appears in the PSP version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin

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