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Miyuki Midorikawa
PxD Manga - Miyuki 2
Japanese Name 緑川みゆき
Romaji Midorikawa Miyuki
First Appearance Persona x Detective Naoto

Miyuki Midorikawa is a student in Persona x Detective Naoto.



Persona x Detective NaotoEdit

One of the two missing students Touko Aoi asks Naoto Shirogane to investigate. At first, she appears to have little to no connection with Shirou Konno, the other missing student, who appears to be her opposite in many ways. She was a self-assured, straightforward girl with a poor reputation.

When she turns up dead, ballistic evidence points to Kyouhei Hioka, a detective whose sister completed suicide earlier. It is thanks to that that her true connection to Shirou is revealed. She acted as Uzume, one of the five judges of the Midnight Site's court, and was the one directly responsible for putting Kaoru Hioka up to be judged. Because of her dislike of the other girl, she made up false charges and slandered her to the point that she committed suicide.

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