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Monad is an optional block of Tartarus in Persona 3.


  • Music: "tartarus_0d01" (Thebel Block's Music)

Monad becomes available after completing Elizabeth's Request #53, defeat The Reaper. The player must also have reached the top of the Adamah Block (254F). In the original version of Persona 3, it would become accessible right after reaching the top floor of the Adamah Block. Monad will appear as an enormous door to the right of the stairs at the entrance (on 1F). It consists of 10 floors, each of which are a great deal larger than the rest of Tartarus. Visually it resembles the Thebel Block, but with an orange color theme instead of green. All Shadows are Lv. 88+, making Monad an excellent way to level up quickly.

The 10th and final floor of Monad contains a chest with ¥1,000,000. As part of Elizabeth's Request #55, the player is asked to defeat "The Ultimate Opponent" on Monad's 10th floor. The opponent is none other than Elizabeth herself. Note that Elizabeth's Request #55 is only available in New Game Plus if you spared Ryoji.

Shuffle Time PersonaEdit

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Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana
69 Gabriel Empress 74 Mother Harlot Empress 80 Skadi Empress


Shadow LV HP SP Weak Resist Block Absorb Reflect
Grand Magus 88 432 246 Fire - Strike - Ice, Light, Dark
Vehement Idol 89 435 247 Light - Wind - Pierce, Fire, Dark
Divine Mother 90 438 249 Ice, Dark - Elec - Light
White Sigil 92 444 252 Fire - -


Slash, Light
King Castle 92 464 228 Wind Light, Dark - Elec Strike
Amorous Snake 93 470 230 Ice, Dark Slash, Strike, Pierce - Fire Light
Hallowed Turret 94 520 220 Elec Light, Dark - - Slash, Strike, Pierce
Tenjin Musha 95 524 221 Elec - - Wind -
Acheron Seeker 96 478 235 - - - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind -
Eternal Sand 97 481 236 Slash, Strike - Fire, Ice, Elec Wind -
Void Giant 98 484 237 - - - Slash, Strike, Pierce Light, Dark
Chaos Cyclops 98 487 239 - - Light, Dark Ice -


  • The word Monad is taken from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's theories, Monad being the spiritual equivalent to the atom in his postulates about the nature of the world. Another reference to the Monad is made in the earlier game Persona 2: Eternal Punishment with the Monado Mandala dungeon.

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