The Monochrome Forest (白と黒の森, Shiro to Kuro no Mori, lit. "White and Black Forest") is a dungeon in Shin Megami Tensei IV.


The realm of the White within the Expanse, it is a black and white forest with shadow and light moving across the ground. Should Flynn go the path of Law, Neutral, or Chaos they will leave him here to die. If Flynn is Law he will be greeted by Jonathan and Gabriel, Neutral by Stephen, and Chaos by Walter and Hikaru. Gabriel, Stephen, and Hikaru will act as healers for them in the forest's entrance.

The four White must be defeated in order to escape the forest. It is a maze filled with demon walls that can be cut down with each path being called an animal trail. Certain paths teleport Flynn to the center of Open Space. The White are found in dark purple and black vortexes that Flynn must look down at in order to jump down and fight them. Once the first vortex is completed, then the second will appear, and so on.

  • Vortex 1: Found on Animal Trail A (Law Route), Animal Trail B (Chaos Route), or Animal Trail D (Neutral Route) and leads to White Hugo.
  • Vortex 2: Found on Animal Trail C (Law, Neutral, Chaos Route) and leads to White K.
  • Vortex 3: Found on Animal Trail A (Chaos Route) or Animal Trail D (Law, Neutral Route) and leads to White Isabeau.
  • Vortex 4: Found on Animal Trail B (Law Route), Animal Trail C (Neutral Route), or Animal Trail D (Chaos Route) and leads to White Issachar.

After White Issachar's defeat the Monochrome Forest disappears, leaving only a deserted landscape.

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