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Munehisa Iwai
P5 Munehisa Iwai
Also known as Surly Manager
Japanese Name 岩井 宗久
Romaji Munehisa Iwai
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana The Hanged Man
Japanese VA Hisao Egawa
English VA Kaiji Tang
"You help me out with my "business"... Smugglin' goods, destroyin' evidence... And as a reward, I'll introduce you to the "special menu," with good prices for a punk like you. ...Whaddaya say? Not bad, huh?"
—Munehisa Iwai to the protagonist, Persona 5

Munehisa Iwai is a character in Persona 5.



Munehisa seems to be an older man but is not elderly. He has grey hair, faint stubble, sideburns and earrings. A tattoo of a gecko is on the left side of his neck near the back. He usually has a lollipop in his mouth.

He wears a grey hat with yellow headphones, a black turtleneck sweater, a long grey coat with a red peace symbol on it, blue jeans and dark boots.


Persona 5Edit

Munehisa Iwai is the owner of the airsoft shop, "Untouchable" in Shibuya. When the protagonist asks him about the "real" firearms, Iwai shows interest in his motive and offers to supply the real stuff in exchange for the protagonist assisting him in shady activities. Building up Confidant with him makes him offer a discount for the player.

Iwai grew up with a single mother who lived a self destructive lifestyle, and the lack of a loving family led him to quickly join the Yakuza. There, he became sworn brothers with Tsuda in the Hashiba, who is now a rival of his. Several years ago, Iwai was given a child named Kaoru by a woman looking to sell him off for drug money. Not wanting the baby to suffer the way he did as a child, Iwai was forced back into a civilian life and runs Untouchable to support him.


"It seems you had model guns in your possession as well. Their detail goes beyond a simple hobby. I'm sure some people believed those guns were real. You'll tell me how you procured them won't you? ...Spill it!"
—Sae Niijima talking about Munehisa Iwai, Persona 5

Iwai's Confidant can be initiated if the player has at least level 4 guts and progresses through completing his tasks.

Iwai's story revolves around his job as a storeowner handling special orders and his responsibility as a single father taking care of Kaoru. The protagonist is sent as a personal lookout for Iwai as he helps him out with a deal involving his oath brother Tsuda who has been extorting him to do illegal firearms customization for a massive deal. As the Confidant goes on, the deal becomes heated when Tsuda threatens the life of Iwai and the Phantom Thieves is tasked with stealing Tsuda's heart. Tsuda repents as he shows how he felt like he was losing his place in his organization to younger members. After sorting the problem involving Tsuda, Masa attempts to take advantage of the fact that Tsuda dropped out of the deal and threatens the life of his son and reveals the truth that his mother abandoned him. Iwai finally gains the confidence to acknowledge to Kaoru as his son and Tsuda turns the tables on the situation as Masa is taken into custody by Tsuda for snitching on them. At the end of the confidant Iwai gains the full trust of his son and is given a Gekko pin, which symbolizes the protection of one's home and family.

The item received by maxing Iwai's Confidant is a Gekko pin, which allows all kinds of gun customization.

1Starter CustomizationAllows you to customize your guns to improve their performance.
3Medium CustomizationAllows you to customize mid-grade guns.
5DiscountDecreases the cost of gun customization.
7Expert CustomizationAllows you to customize high-grade guns.
10Ace CustomizationAllows you to customize special-grade guns.


Munehisa Iwai
Munehisa talk
Munehisa Iwai talking to the protagonist
P5 portrait of Munehisa Iwai
Munehisa Iwai's portrait

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