Myth Type (パートナー, Partner) are a classification of demon in the Devil Children series. Demons of this type are the main partners of a Devil Child.


List of DemonsEdit

DemiKids Light/Dark VersionEdit

Demon Level
Rox 5
Sol Cat 5
Arch Rox 17
Kaos Cat 17
Dred Rox 17
Rune Cat 17
Wing Rox 30
Mega Rox 30
Mega Cat 30
Luna Cat 30
Giga Rox 30
Pyro Cat 30
Ogre Cat 45
Doom Cat 45
Doom Rox 45
Dred Cat 45
War Rox 45
Solron 45
Dark Cat 45
Blazron 45

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Demon Level
Hei Long 5
Sol Leon 5
Arch Hei Long 17
Chaos Sol Leon 17
Blood Hei Long 17
Run Sol Leon 17
Air Hei Long 30
Shine Hei Long 30
Saint Sol Leon 30
Night Sol Leon 30
Battle Hei Long 30
Flare Sol Leon 30
Ogre Sol Leon 45
Gaia Sol Leon 45
Kaiser Hei Long 45
God Sol Leon 45
Blaze Hei Long 45
Jihad Hei Long 45
Dead Sol Leon 45
Blaze Hei Long 45

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