Elizabeth and the protagonist visit the shrine on a date

Naganaki Shrine is a location in Persona 3.


The shrine is one of the haunts for the Protagonist in Tatsumi Port Island. It is where the protagonist offers money and prays for the improvement of his Academics stats, and draws a fortune for a small fee. There are also two Social Links that can be initiated here; the Hanged Man Arcana and the Sun Arcana.

In FES, both the offertory prayer and the fortunes now take up a day. The fortune draw now allows for the improvement of a selected Social Link. Moreover, there is also the Inari Sushi prayer shrine, where the protagonist can affect varying conditions during their next visit to Tartarus, such as money, item drops, fusion results, among others. With the right conditions, Inari Sushi can also take junk items from the protagonist's stock and turn them into a better item.

In Persona 3 Portable, the Inari Sushi's purpose is changed again where it will duplicate a skill card assuming you return within 5 days.


P3M concept artwork of Naganaki Shrine
Concept sketch of Naganaki Shrine from Persona 3 The Movie
P3M - Summer Festival
Fuuka, Yukari and Mitsuru wearing yukata during the Summer Festival at Naganaki Shrine
P3M - Summer Festival Aigis
Aigis wearing yukata during the Summer Festival at Naganaki Shrine
P3M - Summer Festival fireworks
Summer Festival's fireworks display

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