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This article is about the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse. For the Velvet Room pianist in the Persona series, see Nameless.
Japanese Name 主人公, ナナシ
Romaji Shujinkō, Nanashi
First Appearance Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
Affiliation Hunter Association
Age 15
Japanese VA Hiro Shimono
English VA Phillip Reich
"My Godslayer will kill every last god and demon out there!"
Dagda, Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse

Nanashi (lit. "Nameless") is the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.

Appearances Edit

Design Edit

Nanashi is a youthful teenager with half-shaved medium length greenish brown hair and green eyes. He wears a dark green jumpsuit with the right sleeves halved and half of his left leg exposed, one grayish green glove on his right hand, and grayish green boots with orange socks, with a red stud earring on one ear.

In addition, he has a green scar on the right side of his face, and green markings on his left hand.

Before making a contract with Dagda, he had brown eyes and no scar or markings on his left hand. He regains these features at the end of the Peace route after YHVH's defeat, having fulfilled his role as Dagda's Godslayer.

Personality Edit

Through the tradition of Shin Megami Tensei series, he is a silent protagonist, where his personality is based upon the players' actions and decisions.

Profile Edit

Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

Death and Rebirth Edit

Nanashi spends his days as an apprentice Hunter under senior Hunters Manabu and Nikkari. During a mission to retrieve some food, he and his friends and teachers are attacked by a demon, Adramelech, who is investigating the area per Lucifer's orders for possible angel activity. Opting to devour them, Adramelech attacks the group. Despite their efforts, nothing even remotely harms the horde of demons, as Manabu protects Asahi from being killed, being reduced to ashes in the process, and Nikkari is killed while trying in vain to leave behind a scar. Nanashi dies shortly afterward in front of Asahi. Afterwards, he awakens in an unknown location with spectral figures wandering round, and a void calling out to him. Not long after, he meets Dagda, a demon who informs him that he is in the underworld. Dagda states that Nanashi has accomplished nothing in his short span of life, and that his friend will die, but they (Dagda and him) can change that if Nanashi agrees to work for Dagda. In exchange for agreeing to working for him, Dagda will revive him. Nanashi agrees to the deal, and Dagda informs him that he is now his own personal "Godslayer," and his puppet.

After awakening, with Dagda inside of his smartphone in order to observe him, Nanashi protects Asahi from Adramelech, and with the aid of a Centaur demon, he forces the demons back. Asahi and Nanashi then return to the Hunter's Association, where they inform the master about the incident. When they return, Asahi asks her father to make them official Hunters, though he is heavily against this decision. The Master then demands that Asahi return Nikkari's phone, believing that she isn't ready, but she storms off. Nanashi chases after her shortly afterwards. Asahi is furious that her father isn't happy that she wants to follow in his footsteps, but then comes to the idea that if they obtain their own demons, he would have to recognize their worth. To that end, Asahi and Nanashi go out and recruit some demons, though the girl soon receives a message on Nikkari's smartphone that there is Angel activity at the Sky Tower, and one of their Hunters is in danger.

Asahi and Nanashi then rush to the Sky Tower, hoping to rescue the Hunter. When they arrive, the find two Hunters arguing with the Angels. The Angels are under strict orders from Merkabah to guard the Sky Tower, and eliminate any humans who dare enter. One of the Hunters tries to placate them, saying that the captured Hunter was only curious and stuck his head inside, but they Angels are persistent. Nanashi and Asahi then decide to intervene, and fight the Angels. They manage to successfully defeat Angel, and the Hunters push back the Power, though their victory becomes short-lived with the appearance Aniel. The Hunters instantly recognize the archangel, and state that they cannot defeat him. The Power then explains the situation to Aniel, who then attacks the group, proclaiming that he shall slay them. He easily dispatches the two Hunters, and then sets his sights on Nanashi and Asahi. Aniel easily overwhelms the two children as he destroys Nanashi's demons with ease. Asahi asks Nanashi what they should do. Isabeau and Flynn arrive just in time to save them. With their help, Nanashi and Asahi manage to defeat Aniel. Asahi wonders who Isabeau is, remarking how cool she is. They then carry the wounded Hunters back to their home in Kinschicho.

After being healed, Asahi and Nanashi speak with the Master, though he is absolutely furious that the two went off to try and collect demons, and later tried to fight the Angels at the Sky Tower. Asahi tries to justify their actions, but the Master states that being a Hunter is a serious matter. Flynn, who overhears them, says that the two are already accomplished Hunters. Isabeau also backs them up, noting how they came to the Hunter's aid without a second thought. Flynn says that it's people like them (Nanashi and Asahi) that give him hope for humanity. Isabeau also remarks that, if it weren't for the two, then they would have never arrived in time to save them, noting how many lives they saved as a result. The Master is surprised to hear this, as Flynn says he should feel proud of them. The Master then asks if they had recruited their own demons, which Asahi confirms, saying that they're not kids anymore. Albeit reluctantly, the Master then decides to make the two official Hunters, though he says that it was only because of the two Samurai's recommendations. Asahi's father also asks Nanashi to continue keeping an eye out for his daughter, much to Asahi's chagrin.

Nanashi also notices a green specter hanging around Flynn, as it makes faces at him. The Master then registered the two, asking if Nanashi if he wants to keep the name he registered before asking Asahi what her registration name would be. Among the names of Asahi's choosing are Valkyrie, Black Rose, Jeanne Ten-ryu, D, and Pascal. However, Asahi doesn't seem to like any of the choices, despite coming up with them herself. The Master notes that it will be a while, and tells Nanashi to get something to eat while he waits. Eventually, fed up with how long she was taking, the Master decides to register her under her real name.

The Boss then explains the new settings to the two newly-made Hunters, and tells them to be careful. Flynn notes that they're actual Hunters now instead of cadets, and the two make their leave. Asahi thanks the two, especially Isabeau, who she refers to as "miss." The Boss then says he wishes the people of Tokyo could do for him, though he says that when the time comes, they'll rush to his side. Flynn thanks him, mentioning that they are going to Ginza to go see Masakado. A request then reaches their smartphones, though two of them are for high-ranking Hunters. The third request is from a client listed as "Nozomi?" The wording is garbled up like gibberish, though it asks for help, with the client waiting at Ueno. Asahi notes the state of the message, but accepts it, as it is the only one they can accept.

After leaving, Nanashi finds the green specter wandering around, asking for attention and why nobody seems to notice it before it encounters Nanashi, being the only one to see him. It then introduces itself as Navarre, referring to himself as the "pride of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado," or at least he was. Navarre also claims that he fought alongside with Flynn (though this was in truth a lie, as Navarre was originally hostile towards him due to his status as a Casualry, or a commoner by Mikado's standards, coupled with his incredible skills). Navarre states that he had died, and has no place to call home...until he had found Nanashi. He says that while he is a child he should appreciate this honor, as he decides to travel with Nanashi, leaving no room for argument. Asahi, unable to see him, asks Nanashi if he talking to himself. Navarre notes how blind she is to his majesty, though says nothing more. Asahi then says that they should head to Ueno, where the client is.

The Fairy Forest Edit

Upon arrival, they make way to the Underground Residential Area, though they are stopped by a woman clad in red. Asahi asks if she is the client, which she confirms, introducing herself as "Questgiver Nozomi." Nanashi immediately notices there is something off about their client, but Asahi plays it cool, and asks her about the details, as all that was made clear in the request was that there was a fight that needed to be stopped. Nozomi(?) informs them that it is in the Fairy Forest, much to Asahi's confusion, having never heard of such a location. Nozomi (?) explains that they can reach it by the use of a Terminal. However, Asahi points out that it is impossible to reach a location that is not registered to a smartphone via Terminal, though Nozomi(?) says that she can take them their using a smartphone she borrowed from Nozomi. However, Nozomi(?) realizes her mistake, and quickly states that she is "Nozomi." Asahi is quite suspicious about the woman's behavior, but continues to play along at Nanashi's suggestion to help her out. After reaching the Terminal, Asahi begins to register the Ueno Terminal to her phone, though Dagda complains that it's taking too long, and registers the Terminal to Nanashi's smarphone automatically. Nozomi(?) then hands her smartphone to Nanashi, saying that they can reach the Fairy Forest with it.

After transporting to the Shinjuku Region, the group enters the Fairy Forest. Asahi is amazed by how large the cherry blossom tree is, and wonders how tall it is. Shortly afterward, the group meets a woman also wearing red. Upon seeing her, Nozomi(?) turns into her original form, and fawns on the woman, much to her chagrin. Asahi is immediately left on edge by Napaea's sudden appearance, and is ready to attack before the woman, Nozomi, realizes they are Hunters and tells them to stand down. Nozomi explains that Napaea is harmless, and that the denizens of the Fairy Forest want to seek a peaceful life away from the war between the angels and demons. Asahi asks who the woman is, which she introduces herself as Nozomi, and the leader of the Fairy Folk, much to Asahi's surprise. Nozomi explains that she inherited the queen's powers, though she was once a Hunter like them as well, on top of being a photographer on the side. Navarre comments on the ludicrousy of her words, though much to his surprise, Nozomi rebukes him, meaning she was able to see him. She asks what the deal is with the "strange green pompadour," much to Navarre's annoyance. Asahi is confused, as she cannot see Navarre. Depending on the player's decision, Nozomi can inform Asahi that Navarre is haunting him. He quickly panics, due to Asahi's anxiety over the matter, and asks if Nanashi is okay. Navarre claims that he is simply mentoring him. Nozomi decides that he is simply harmless.

Napaea asks if that "frosty fatty" is still hogging the spring. Nozomi says that she had wanted to handle the matter, but lost her phone. Nanashi then returns it to her, causing Nozomi to thank him and then scolds Napaea for taking it without asking. Napaea defends herself by saying that she had asked for help, and because of how serious she looked then, she went to find someone who could lend a hand. Nozomi forgives her, letting it slide, and thanks her for finding help. Napaea is happy, and then runs off to the cherry tree's roots. Danu then appears behind Nozomi, and introduces herself to the group as the source of Nozomi's powers, as well as the mother of Dagda. Asahi is confused, being unaware of the circumstances behind her childhood friend's revival. Danu says that Navarre is not the only one who has taken a liking to Nanashi, noting that he's been caught him in his schemes. Asahi suggests that she should have him get exorcised by her father, much to Navarre's horror, exclaiming that he doesn't wish to die again. Nozomi cuts in, saying that there are other problems to deal with.

Nozomi then properly explains the request Napaea sent out. One of the fussier fairies, King Frost, has taken over the spring. Normally, all fairies should have equal access to it, but King Frost has been hogging it. Asahi asks about the importance of the spring, but Nozomi says that she has no idea either. Asahi suggests that they ask King Frost about it directly. Nozomi, agreeing with them, decides to come along, in case things become rowdy. While traversing the Fairy Forest, the group finds two fairies, Titania and Oberon, arguing. Asahi is left confused while Nozomi remarks that the "loverbirds" are at it again. Upon noticing her, Oberon asks Nozomi to talk some sense into his wife, only for Titania to rebuke him and demands he explain the item he was carrying.

Oberon, in a panic, claims the item in question, the Jade Dagger, is a miraculous invention, explaining that it allows lost souls to wield power in the physical world, and stated that he crafted it due to the number of people that have been dying in the war between Lucifer and Merkabah. To that end, he crafted the dagger, as a means to help them in some manner. Titania mocks him, asking if he's trying to force them into falling in love, referring to the legend between she and Oberon. Oberon, realizing what she was getting at, complains that it was four hundred years ago. Nozomi grows impatient, and tries to take the dagger, but is unable to. Oberon says that the dagger was designed specifically for the dead. Asahi says that she is unable to see it, since it doesn't exist in the physical world.

Upon noticing Navarre, Oberon practically goads him into taking it, saying that it was perfect for "heroes with unfinished business." Navarre is initially surprised, but takes the blade, immediately noting the power flowing through his body. However, after swinging it, he suddenly notes how heavy it has become. Oberon says that the blade needs to be charged again at a Power Spot for Navarre to use it again. Afterwards, he leaves with TItania, who seems glad that whatever scheme he had in mind failed. Seeing the issue resolved, Asahi says that they should postpone the exorcism if Navarre was going to prove useful, again to Navarre's horror.

The group then arrives at the spring, where they find King Frost, true to the fairies' claims, hogging it. The demon introduces itself as "the boss," and demands Nozomi to explain why she brought strangers before him. Nozomi protects Asahi as she tries to ask King Frost why he's been hogging up the water. King Frost explains that the spring has the best drinking water in the entire forest, and by ruling over it, he in turn rules over the other fairies. Nozomi asks why he would want everyone to obey him, which he responds is that he needs help finding the treasure in the forest. Nozomi expresses confusion, having never heard of treasure being in the forest, and asks what it is. Unfortunately, King Frost replies that the one who told him about the treasure never told him exactly what it was. King Frost then decides to take over the entire forest, thus making his job of finding it easier. As a result, a battle occurs between them.

After the battle, King Frost begins to melt down into a Jack Frost, expressing his immense displeasure. Nozomi asks him if he's done trying to take over the spring, which he confirms, admitting his loss. Nozomi asks him about the person who told him about the treasure hidden in the forest, and quickly catches a demon spying on the group, shooting at it. The demon, fearing for his life, tells Nozomi that he was spreading a rumor about the treasure in order to trick the fairies into finding it. Nozomi asks who told him about it, though the demon says that he knows nothing, being merely an underling. Nozomi then threatens to kill him. The demon says that while he doesn't know the name of the one who told him, it was a god from a group called the Divine Powers. Afterwards, he makes his escape.

Asahi asks Nozomi if it was a good idea letting him go, which the leader of the fairy folk responds that the demon was too scared to be hiding anything. She then congratulates them, noting that Nanashi is natural when it comes to combat. However, the moment is cut short when Danu manifests, who notes that his power comes directly from Dagda, and asks the being what he has planned for Nanashi. Dagda then manifests in front of the group, much to Asahi's surprise, this being the first time she has seen him. Dagda corrects her, saying that he is a god, not some mere "guy," and he isn't too keen on revealing himself unnecessarily, though he made an exception, due to Danu calling for him. Danu then asks her son what he is up to, which he responds "what must be done," even if she doesn't understand. Danu states that their family is one with nature, and by extension, with the universe itself, saying that they should be working together to protect the fairies and spirits, which are slowly dying out.

Dagda, however, mocks her, saying that she can't tell the forest from her trees, saying she'll understand soon enough with her fairies. Afterwards, he returns to Nanashi's smartphone. Danu does the same with Nozomi. Asahi notes the obvious tension between the two, as Nozomi jokingly asks how long the rebellious phase lasts with gods. She then suggests that they should keep Dagda's presence to themselves, though she doesn't say the exact reason. She then thanks the two for their help. Asahi hugs Nanashi, overjoyed that they finished their first mission as Hunters. Nozomi mentions that they look cute, causing Asahi to be flustered, and offers to walk them back to the entrance.

After arriving, Asahi comments on how beautiful the Fairy Forest looks, mentioning that she wished she could stay here forever. Nozomi says that they can come back anytime, and then returns to the forest. Asahi then asks if Nanashi is alright, due to having a demon and spirit around him, much to Navarre's chagrin, saying that she doesn't want to experience losing someone close to her again. Dagda mockingly calls her concern for his life touching, but calls it useless. He then tells Nanashi that, as he is his Godslayer, he will resurrect him, no matter how many times he falls. Afterwards, Asahi and Nanashi return to the Association to report back to Asahi's father.

The Ark Edit

After returning to the Association in Kinshicho, Asahi asks her father if there is any new jobs for them to tackle, though much to her disappointment, he brushes her off, saying that there is no easy way to become experienced other than handling the small jobs they can handle for now. After leaving, however, they are encountered by an old man, who notices their desire for glory, and says he has a quest in mind for them. Upon arriving to the man's apparent place of residence near the train platform, the old man reveals himself to be the Norse God Odin. Asahi is initially skeptical about him, though Odin claims that he is merely an ally to humans, and says that it's possible for them to gain the strength they seek by accepting a request of his. Odin says that there is a powerful demon slumbering inside of a place called the Ark, and informs the two that if they were to control this demon, it would be possible for them to fight alongside Flynn, whom they admire.

Enticed by the prospect, the two accept the request. However, when the group seeks out the Ark, they find that the area is heavily guarded by both angels and demons, much to Asahi's curiosity, as it would suggest that the demon sealed away in the Ark is quite powerful. However, when they discover the Ark, they find that it is guarded by Sukuna-Hikona. Sukuna warns the two not to progress any further, as they do not know of what truly sleeps inside of the Ark. He also states that it is a great evil that will threaten this world. However, when he sees that Nanashi and Asahi have no intention of backing down, he engages the two. During the battle, he asks them why they would seek to release such a catastrophic evil upon the world, as it would only serve to bring about a greater conflict in the battle against gods, demons and angels. Nanashi can choose to answer that he is either doing this for humanity, or that the world does not need any deities. Choosing the latter will please Dagda, saying that is exactly what a Godslayer should say.

Eventually, the team defeats Sukuna-Hikona, leaving them free to open the Ark. However, Odin arrives, noting that they have managed to defeat the guardian, saying he would have expected nothing less of someone serving under "Lord Dagda," much to Asahi's confusion. Odin urges them to release the seal, despite Asahi quickly realizing that something is wrong. Nanashi can choose to destroy the seal on the Ark and release the demon inside of it, or refuse to, though Dagda will simply force your body into complying into breaking the seal. As a result, the god known as Krishna is freed, who thanks both Odin and Dagda for releasing him, and shortly afterwards, declares to all in the Divine Powers that "salvation is at hand." Asahi quickly becomes worried when the entities mention that they need Flynn in order to accomplish their goals, even if they must make him submit to their ideals. They then leave shortly afterwards, with Dagda remarking that things are quickly becoming more interesting. Asahi and Nanashi then leave to search for Flynn, who is at Ginza to summon Masakado.

The Divine Powers: Monotheism vs Polytheism Edit

Asahi and Nanashi arrive at Ginza just in time to see Flynn drawing Masakado's Sword from it's sheathe, though before he can, a group of demons emerge and stop him. The group is led by Krishna and Odin, who ask him to join them in order to bring forth "salvation," and defeat the "Creator," whom they hold in disdain. Flynn refuses this at first, though he later submits when Asahi is captured by Maitreya, who threatens Nanashi and Flynn not to do anything unless they want her to die. Flynn reluctantly surrenders, and is rendered unconscious by Odin, and is then taken by Krishna, who claims they now have their "Kalki." A group of Hunters then arrive in an attempt to take back Flynn, though Krishna says that they are doing this for the sake of humanity. Afterwards, much to everyone's shock, a flaming serpent, Shesha, appears seemingly from within the Ceiling, easily destroying a portion of it and leaving behind a hole in the process, much to the shock of everyone. Krishna claims that Shesha is the one who will bring death to them in order for them to obtain "salvation," and then leaves with Flynn in tow.

Sometime afterwards, Nanashi and Asahi are asked to deliver supplies to Shinjuku. On their way there, they encounter a girl pushing a wheel, followed by the appearance of Stephen. Stephen states that he is aware of the current situation, but he also says that Nanashi will have to choose a "neutral" path in the future. Later, the group learns that Shesha is attacking, leading to them attacking the monster, only to find their attacks virtually ineffective. The group later receives aid from the appearance of angels and, to Asahi's immense rage, Adramelech, who states that they have much bigger concerns at the moment. Shesha is unaffected by their assault, and retreats. Adramelech and the angels also retreat, leaving Asahi furious that they were unable to avenge the deaths of their comrades.

Later, Fujiwara and Skins hold a conference meeting to discuss the emergence of the Divine Powers, who have now managed to turn the tide of the war into their favor. In order to find a way to defeat the new faction, the Association called for a meeting with Lucifer and Merkabah, who, much to the surprise of many, have taken on the forms of Flynn and Isabeau's former compatriots, Walter and Jonathan. The two are quick to reveal their true forms however. Lucifer calls for a ceasefire, in order to deal with the Divine Powers, which Merkabah agrees with, saying that they are too much of a threat at present. To this end, Merkabah and Lucifer bring forward their own soldiers; Merkabah gathering the best of his Samurai, and Lucifer commanding the Hunters Association, much to Skins and Fujiwara's anger. Lucifer claims that it was his purpose to lead humanity, in order for them to obtain greater heights, but he also goes on to say that "only a human can kill gods and demons." This shocks everyone, though Lucifer clears up this confusion, stating that angels, demons and gods are only capable of sealing each other away, whereas humans can permanently slay them. Humans who accomplish this feat are granted the title of "Godslayer." Thus, without humans, the war shall never end. Skins and Fujiwara note that they barely had any say at all during the meeting, much to their anger.

Dagda, however, scoffs at the whole thing, saying that while everyone is focusing on the Divine Powers, he already has Nanashi as his Godslayer. Asahi then speaks up, saying that they have new requests.

Return to the Fairy Forest Edit

One of the two requests is the task of retrieving a powerful sword from the Fairy Forest. This seems to excite Asahi, as it means they will be able to see Nozomi again. However, when they arrive, they find the Forest in the process of being set ablaze, much to their horror. Nozomi, who meets them, says that when she returned from photographing, she discovered the forest in this state. After hearing Asahi's details on their request, she realizes that the sword they're speaking of is the holy blade Excalibur, which is held deep in the Forest. She manages to direct them to their destination, electing to staying behind in order to help the other fairies escape from the Divine Powers' assault. When the group arrives, they find Titan trying to take the sword, as per his orders from the Divine Powers. Asahi demands to learn why he set the forest ablaze, and much to her anger, Titan replies that he did this because "it was in his way."

After defeating Titan, Nanashi takes Excalibur, and then returns to the entrance with Nozomi. As they are leaving, Danu inquires about the current status of the war. She also claims to know of the Divine Powers' true goal: when the Creator took control of the Universe, he defeated the old deities (i.e. Danu and the other gods, possibly including Krishna and many others), thus in order to take back control, the Divine Powers intend to defy the Creator by creating a new universe. Dagda claims that they can accomplish this by killing a vast majority of humans and taking their souls, as human bodies would wither away and die without their souls. Danu asks him if he is also apart of the Divine Powers, though her son denies these claims, saying that they are merely pieces on the bigger game he is playing that. Dagda also says that his goal is to take control of Krishna's attempts to establish a new universe, though this appears to anger Danu for dragging Nanashi into his schemings. Dagda claims that Nanashi had either two chooses: accept death, or be resurrected.

Asahi, much to her horror, also learns from Dagda's conversation with Danu that Nanashi had indeed died by Adramelech's hands. He says that Nanashi is not human, but he is not angel or demon either. Instead, he is his puppet. He also asks Nanashi to forgo all notion of bonds to this world, in favor for "true freedom" from the world. Danu claims that they should work to protect the "freedom" that exists currently, thus leaving the two at an impasse, leaving them with obvious hostilities. Asahi is left upset by Nanashi's death, clearly unable to believe it, but is consoled by Nozomi, who says that if Nanashi had really changed, she would have noticed it, being the one closest to him. Nozomi also decides to tag along with the group, in order to defeat the Divine Powers and protect the Fairies.

Ashura-kai's Comeback Edit

One of the two requests is to retrieve parts to make a detector that will locate Shesha. Nanashi and the group head to Kasumigaseki, where the inventor behind the device says that the parts can be found in the Sky Tower. However, when they arrive, the angels bar entry, having not heard any of this. Thankfully, a man called Abe intervenes, along with a young boy named Hallelujah. Abe is the new leader of the Ashura-kai, and is very influential. Much to Navarre's glee, Hallelujah is also capable of seeing him. The man manages to allow them access into the Sky Tower, allowing them to retrieve the parts they needed. However, they are soon attacked by a demon, taking them by surprise. Hallelujah immediately notes how calm Nanashi is, and sees that he is very powerful. After they have retrieved the parts they needed to build the Shesha Radar, Abe tells Hallelujah to keep an eye on them, in case things go south because of them. He also says that he gets a "bad vibe" from Nanashi.

The group is then attacked by Medusa, who was revived by Divine Powers, and has much to her own glee, she says that she has obtained greater "beauty." Abe takes his leave as the battle commences. After Medusa's death, Hallelujah says that he wants to continue following them, though Dagda says that it isn't a good idea, saying that he is spying on them for the Ashura-kai. Asahi is angered by this, feeling that they do not trust them, especially after Hallelujah is forced to tell them the truth. Regardless, Nanashi agrees to take him with them, much to Hallelujah's relief. The group then returns to the Association, delivering the parts needed for the Shesha Radar.

Gaston and the Crusaders Edit

Not long after the completion of both quests, the group receives a request to escort a group of Samurai in Ueno to Kasumigaseki. Upon meeting the Samurai in question, Navarre is in shock, as the leader of the group is his younger brother, Gaston. Gaston, alongside others, were elected to become the Crusaders, a group of elite Samurai chosen by Merkabah. As proof of his status as the leader of the Crusaders, Gaston was given Michael's Spear, which he claims to be effective against Shesha, and proclaims that he will slay the serpent. Unfortunately, much to the group's dismay, Gaston appears to be highly arrogant and conceited. Hallelujah remarks that he is definitely Navarre's brother, though Gaston reacts rather harshly to this, saying that he is no brother to someone who had stained their good name. This appears to sadden Navarre, though he says nothing more. Shortly after escorting Gaston and the Crusaders to Kasumigaseki, Nanashi sees Dr. Matsuda, who says that he has finished the Shesha Radar.

As Nanashi leaves, the radar goes off, revealing that Shesha has appeared in Shibuya's Miyashita Park. Before the group leaves, Gaston finds them, and requests to go with them, saying that the other Crusaders had chosen to separate in order to complete their goals faster. Hallelujah, however, says that Gaston was likely ditched, as it was obvious the other Crusaders did not quite agree with him, nor could they tolerate his arrogant behavior. Regardless, Gaston joins them as they make their way to Shibuya. They find Shesha, and combat it. True to Gaston's words, Michael's spear is quite effective, alongside the Excalibur. Gaston tries to kill the beast, but fails to do so. Thus, Nanashi strikes the finishing blow, much to Gaston's anger, believing that Shesha was his prey. He also lashes out at Asahi, who tells him that it is pointless to get angry over such a stupid fact. Nozomi suggests that they work together, but Gaston scoffs at the notion, saying that people die if they expect mercy.

After returning to the Association in Kinshicho, Nanashi experiences another dream. In it, he finds Akira speaking with a man who's face is covered with scars, whom Akira refers to as "Skins," much to the man's chagrin, as everyone has come to call him now. They had reached the Firmament, but immediately came under attack by the angels, forcing them to retreat into Naraku. However, the group is then approached by Gabriel, who says that, while they are Unclean, some of them may be granted the privilege of living in their new kingdom, they were made in the Lord's image, thus some of them should be granted salvation. However, as Gabriel is about to continue, the dream ends abruptly.

Toki and the Ring of Gaea Edit

Nanashi and the group, having accomplished defeating Shesha, now work to try and save Flynn by infiltrating Tsukiji Honganji, which is now under the control of the Divine Powers. Isabeau also joins them in this endeavor, much to Asahi's pleasure. Seeing that entering through the main gate is futile, they try to search for an alternate route, and come across two Gaeans. They inform the Hunters and Samurai that many of their numbers have converted to joining Maitreya, much to their own displeasure, but say that the leaders of the Ring of Gaea, Kei and Kii, know a way inside. The group meets with the old women, who agree to show them a way inside the temple, though in the condition that they take someone with them. They then introduce Toki, a young girl wearing a feral mask, who they claim is one of their best. Toki is quick to the point, telling the group that they are to take her to Tsukiji Hoganji. Kei and Kii explain that, in exchange for their cooperation, Toki is to eliminate two specific individuals. Toki says that her targets are Maitreya and Flynn, much to Isabeau's horror. Kei and Kii explain that they cannot forgive Flynn for killing Yuriko, their original leader, despite some of the Ring of Gaea believing that Yuriko's death was proof that the strong can shape the world, as Flynn had prevailed over her. Isabeau agrees, but she states that she will not allow Toki to kill Flynn. Afterwards, the group heads back to the Temple.

After infiltrating the temple, they manage to find Flynn pinned to a cross. Toki tries to kill him right then and there, but Isabeau stops him. Seeing her attempt has failed, she turns on the party and attacks them, only to be defeated. Maetreya then appears, and knocks her away. Odin and Krishna later appear. Krishna states that Dagda has betrayed them, though Dagda refutes this by saying he had never truly sided with them, as their ideals were different. Odin challenges the party, wondering if they are worthy to enter Valhalla, though he easily defeats them. Krishna also reveals to the group that Nanashi and Asahi were also the ones who unsealed him, as well as Nanashi being a corpse that was revived as a mere puppet of Dagda. This causes conflicting views amongst the group, which Dagda mocks at, saying that bonds are useless and fleeting, and that Nanashi should embrace the freedom he seeks.

Toki assists the party in escaping, though she leaves immediately afterwards. Gaston is enraged by the fact that Nanashi was a servant of Dagda, despite not knowing about the circumstances behind his revival, as well as his role in unsealing Krishna. Nozomi also begrudgingly states that she must report this to the Association, as to not raise the possibility of a traitor amongst them. Sadly, the next day, Nanashi is called by Fujiwara and Skins. The Hunters with them are furious and demand that Nanashi be punished, some of the more extreme ones even asking for his death. Fujiwara does bring up that Nanashi had done a great deal of good, such as defeating Shesha, but the weight of his role in Krishna's presence is far too much to ignore. However, before they can decide what to do with Nanashi, Tokyo is suddenly covered by a powerful spell that does not allow anyone to utilize the Demon Summoning Application. Recognizing this as the work of the Divine Powers, Fujiwara and Skins ask about Nanashi's loyalty, and entrust the task of eliminating the spell to him.

Tragedy soon strikes, however, as when Nanashi returns to Kinshicho, worried about the Master and everyone else, he discovers that many Hunters have been slain, due to being helpless without their demons. Worse, when he arrives at the Association, the Master was fatally injured, protecting Asahi from an attack. Nanashi dispatches Quetzalcoatl, and checks up on the Master. In his final moments, he asks Nanashi to look after Asahi for him, even telling her his usual line "Come on, now" before he passes away, much to Asahi's grief. As Asahi is being taken care of by another Hunter, Abe appears the group, saying that they have found a clue as to how to destroy the spell. He hands them the Miyoko Disk, which would allow them to seek council from Tenkai, who has knowledge of the spell.

Destroying the MandalaEdit

On arriving at the Hills Building, where Tenkai rests, Nanashi uses the artefact to restore the demon to his original form, due to having been defeated by Flynn and his companions previously during their adventures in Tokyo. Tenkai states that a Mandala has been placed over Tokyo, one which forbids the use of demon summoning, and the Mandala is being fueled by five jars, which absorb Magnetite, or Aether, to keep the Mandala running. In order to dispell the Mandala, the jars have to be sealed, though the task is difficult, as the high concentration of Aether could potentially damage and scar the mentality of anyone who gets too close, unless that individual is highly virtuous. Toki appears, and offers to try and seal them away, despite her earlier attempts to end Flynn's life. As she was raised to keep her emotions separate, she would possibly be able to seal the jars. Seeing no other option, the group agrees to this plan, and heads to to seal the jars.

Each jar is located in a small shrine, and each appears to represent a powerful sin. Each jar is also guarded by the Four Heavenly Kings and Marici, who attempt to stop the party. Whenever Toki attempts to seal the jars, she briefly succumbs to the affects of the Aether. She becomes furious about the state of the world, feels reluctance to do anything, feels immense hunger for sweets, becomes flustered and aroused, and grows angry that no one recognizes her for loyal service to the Ring of Gaea. She manages to return to her original self shortly afterwards, and seals the jars. After the fifth jar has been sealed, Maetreya appears before the party with the intention of killing them where they stand. However, even after the party defeats them, they are soon encountered by a being calling itself Inanna, the Mother of All. She is unable to fully manifest, having only just manages to gather her sense of self due to the abundance of Aether, and tries to reclaim her powers from Danu, referring to her as her "daughter." The party fends her off, thus leading her to try and possess Toki, who is unconscious from Maetreya's attack. Gaston saves her in the nick of time, destroying the fragment of Inanna before she could do anything.

With the jars sealed, the Mandala is now gone. After Toki regains consciousness, she thanks Gaston, much to the group's surprise, due to her initial cold nature towards them. She even displays a flustered face from being in close contact with Nanashi, parting with him rather awkwardly. Fujiwara later contacts them, congratulating them. Dagda scoffs when Nanashi learns that some Hunters have taken to calling him their "Chamption," despite them wanting him dead earlier. He then returns to Kinshicho, checking up on Asahi. She appears to now understand why her father treated her like a child, as it was his way of protecting her, and tearfully asks Nanashi to let her come with her again. Gaston tries to tell her off, but is punched in the face by Hallelujah, who angrily tells him to shut up and that he has no right to say such things, as all he had done since joining them was "complain and bitch." As a fight is about to break out between the two, Asahi tells them to stop.

Nanashi agrees to let her come with them, much to her pleasure. After resting, however, Nanashi learns that Shesha has mysterious revived, true to Krishna's words of him being a Serpent of Death and Life. However, to the group's surprise, when they arrive at Ikebukuro, they find Shesha's appearance to have changed considerably, as he now resembles a green snake-like monster with a human torso. Shesha appears to have also developed human speech as well, recognizing Nanashi as the one who killed him, and attacks. Nanashi and the group manage to defeat Shesha once again, though Shesha claims that one day, he will resurrect and come back to kill him before dying once again. Hallelujah, feeling apologetic for slugging Gaston earlier, tries to apologize, though Gaston doesn't seem to hold any grudges.

Defeat the Divine PowersEdit

With Shesha now gone, all attention now shifts to the Divine Powers. All three sides attack Tsukiji Honganji, in order to destroy Krishna and his faction, and rescue Flynn. Nanashi and his group infiltrate the temple, and try to locate Flynn. As they do so, they notice that the temple, which should have been under the control of Maetreya's faction, is devoid of a single devoter. A Hunter claims that they have all committed suicide by throwing themselves into the belly of Shesha prior to it's death for the second time. The group finally encounters Flynn, who is locked in blades with Odin. He manages to slay the Norse God, though he suffers serious injuries as a result. Krishna arrives, though he has no intention of retrieving Flynn, seeing that he has no intention of becoming his Godslayer. Flynn claims that he will kill Krishna, though the deity mocks Flynn because of his poor state. The party then engages him in battle. The party eliminates him, though despite his defeat, he says that he will simply sit back and watch the drama between Lucifer and Merkabah play out.

Sadly, even after Krishna has been defeated, the group becomes hounded by both demons and angels, who try to either kill or take Flynn. When they are about to escape, they are attacked by the Ring of Gaea, led by Kii and Kei. Surprisingly, Toki refuses to follow them any further when they order her to kill Flynn, stating that the Ring of Gaea's sole belief was "strength in a world of chaos," and sides with Nanashi, staying true to her goal. She aids them in repelling the Ring of Gaea, who then tell her to die with her friends. Much to Asahi's chagrin, Toki has become attacked to Nanashi, having begun to refer to him as her "master." However, when they leave the temple, Adramelech appears with the intention to kill them. He tries to use Asahi against Nanashi, due to how he tried to protect her before, which led to his death by Adramelech's hands. Nanashi and Asahi finally claim vengeance when they slay Adramelech, thus avenging Nikkari and Manabu.

Infiltrating the Eastern Kingdom of MikadoEdit

After Flynn is taken back to Kasumigaseki, in order to be treated for his wounds, the group returns to the Association, where a video conference is being held. With the threat of the Divine Powers now gone, Merkabah calls of the ceasefire, thus resuming his war with Lucifer. He offers salvation to the people of Tokyo, however, offering them a place at his side in exchange for peace. Skins and Fujiwara state that they have already made their decision, and oppose both sides. After the conference is over, Gaston and the Crusaders receive orders to return to the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, and much to his shock, the Crusaders have been dissolved, and he stripped of his rank of captain. He then reluctantly returns to Mikado, much to the group's sadness.

After Gaston leaves, Nanashi receives a summons from Fujiwara, asking him to infiltrate the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado in order to gather information for the upcoming battle. In order to pass through the Purgatorium Domain set up by the angels, Dr. Matsuda makes Gauntlet mock-ups, which allow them to bypass angel security. However, a problem arises when Navarre brings up a fact upon Asahi realizing Isabeau and Flynn's age: at the age of 18, citizens must undergo the Gauntlet Rite. If they manage to activate the Gauntlet, they are welcomed into the Samurai Order. With the exception of Nozomi, everyone in Nanashi's group is 15, though they think up the idea of using disguises. Navarre tries to peek on the girls while they are changing, but threatens to shoot him if he does. Asahi and Toki put on make-up, Hallelujah wears a fake mustache, and Nanashi finds and puts on a samurai jacket.

They manage to slip through, and enter the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. The Hunters of Tokyo are immediately left in awe by the site of the city, as Isabeau explains that the ruined statue was once the statue of King Aquila, though some legends referred to him by the namesake of Akira, which Asahi recognizes as the name that Hunters despise.

During the events of the game, Dagda reveals that the power of the Godslayer is to kill all the worshipers of a deity at the moment the Slayer kills the actual god, ensuring the god can never return. Nanashi is presented with two choices; either kill YHVH (after slaying the Divine Powers) and take his place, or defeat him in order to bring peace. Choosing the former will cause him to fight his comrades, while the latter will cause him to fight Dagda. This decision also affects Flynn's fate as well when he is forcibly fused with Vishnu. In the Peace Route, Flynn is still alive, while in the Anarchy Route, he dies, but is later revived to become Nanashi's Godslayer, and becomes unhinged and deranged. In the Anarchy Ending, Nanashi kills YHVH, thus usurping him as the Creator of the Universe, albeit at the expense of the deaths of his friends and most of humanity. In the Peace Ending, Nanashi and company defeat YHVH.

Regardless of the path chosen, Nanashi learns that the Great Will, referred to as the Axiom in the English Version, had created two saviors to defeat YHVH, who had become corrupted and tyrannical, those being himself and Flynn. Additionally, through dreams of the past, the players learn that Nanashi, like Flynn, is the reincarnation of someone from the Counter Demon Force, that person being none other than Akira.


Like Flynn in SMTIV, Nanashi can learn skills from his demons via Whisper events, and use it to power his existing skills up. Unlike Flynn, who has no passives due to the mechanics of Demon Whisper, Nanashi gains an "Awakened Power" passive after his choice between either Neutral route. This passive greatly powers up his attacks and lets them bypass resistance.

Trivia Edit

  • On his jumpsuit, one can read: "Imagine there's no Heaven, it's easy if you try, no Hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today." These are the lyrics to John Lennon's signature song, "Imagine".
  • His jumpsuit is reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey's Demonica suit in color and style, albeit the unarmed version.
  • Similar to Flynn who is the reincarnation of the man who fused with Masakado, Nanashi is the reincarnation of the Akira of the neutral route.
  • The character design provides a contrast between Flynn and Nanashi, due to their respective roles in their stories. Whereas Flynn was born in a more peaceful world, and later accepted into nobility, bearing a dignified and mature air to him, Nanashi lives in a chaotic, war-torn world while having the look of a delinquent.
    • Nanashi also mirrors Flynn in some ways, as his first demon partner is a Centaur, which is also the first demon Flynn negotiates with in Shin Megami Tensei IV.
  • Prior to his death, Nanashi was listed as being apart of the Human Race. However, after making a deal with Dagda, his race is changed to "Godslayer." This is similar to the circumstances of the protagonist of Devil Survivor, where in two of the 3DS remake's endings, specifically in the Messiah and Overlord 8th Day Routes, his race is changed from human to "Bel."
    • Curiously, Danu says that Nanashi is not quite human. Additionally, Dagda says that, after being revived as a Godslayer, Nanashi is no longer human, but he is neither angel nor demon.
    • After the boss battle following the choice to side with Dagda or to destroy the Cosmic Egg, Nanashi's title changes to "Awakened."
  • Nanashi, in the Anarchy Ending, is similar to both Al Saiduq and the protagonist of Devil Survivor 2, where in the Kingmaker Ending and in the Human Administrator Ending in the 3DS remake respectively, both usurp otherworldly beings and become god-like beings that manage the world, and watch over a new world order.


Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
SMTIV Final Dagda and Protagonist
Nanashi and Dagda.
SMTIVFinal illustration by Masayuki Doi
Illustration of Nanashi and the main characters by Masayuki Doi
Nanashi TGS 2016 by Doi
Illustration of Nanashi for TGS 2016 by Doi
Nanashi Initial Design SMTIVF
Initial older design depicted in Famitsu.
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Nanashi killed by a demon
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Nanashi after being revived
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Nanashi in an animated image video, "Tokyo Collapse"
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Last Chronicle’ Card Illustrations of Nanashi

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