Exterior of Niijima's Palace.

Niijima's Palace, also known as the Casino of Envy, is a location in Persona 5. It is the Palace of Sae Niijima.



Persona 5Edit

  • Background Music: "The Whims of Fate" (listen here)
  • Available: October 29
  • Deadline: November 20 (Search warrant of the suspected Phantom Thieves)
  • Owner: Sae Niijima
  • Location: Courthouse
  • Keyword: Casino

At the beginning of the game, the protagonist is shown infiltrating the casino and when spotted by an apparently human security guard they transform into Shadows. When the protagonist tears off their Masks, Demons erupted from their bodies. The protagonist escapes by shattering a glass window, when the alarm set off and he was immediately surrounded by the police. The protagonist and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are shown marching towards the casino.

Later in the game, it is revealed to be the Palace of Sae Niijima, born from the pain of losing her father. Sae was forced to become independent while supporting her younger sister, Makoto Niijima. In her profession, she faced much adversity from a corrupt political system and the need to be an agent of justice.

Unlike previous Palaces, there are no Cognitive existences in this Palace as normal people appear throughout the palace. Progressing through the area requires coins that are won by playing casino games set up by Sae's Shadow Self, who blatantly rigs them. The Phantom Thieves must figure out ways to cheat the otherwise impossible challenges without her noticing. In the survival ending paths, by the time the Phantom Thieves infiltrate the Palace, they have long realized Goro Akechi is a mole and take advantage of the Palace's overlay of the police station to trick him. This makes it the only Palace in the game not to be destroyed by the Thieves.


The true form of Shadow Sae's Treasure is never shown. Before the Treasure is materialized, Makoto expects its true form to be their father's investigation notebook, symbolizing Sae's grudge over their father's death in the line of duty. In the survival ending paths, Ryuji hands over an empty suitcase to the protagonist in order to trick Akechi into believing that they are genuinely reforming Sae's heart.

List of EnemiesEdit


Niijima's Palace plays the background music "The Whims of Fate". The lyrics could be interpreted as hypnotizing the gamblers into gambling.

Gallery Edit

Niijima Palace
Inside of Niijima's Palace

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