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Persona 5 Mithras casting spell

Mithras casting Freidyne in Persona 5

Nuclear Icon P1 Nuclear or Nuke (核熱, kaku netsu)? is one of the elemental affinities in the series. This element only appears in Megami Ibunroku Persona, Persona 2 duology and Persona 5.

General spellsEdit

Name Power Target
Frei Light 1 enemy
Freila Medium 1 enemy
Freidyne Heavy 1 enemy
Mafrei Light All enemies
Mafreila Medium All enemies
Mafreidyne Heavy All enemies
Name Power Target
Megido Medium All enemies
Megidola Heavy All enemies
Megidolaon Extremely heavy All enemies

Specific spells Edit

Name Power Target
Nova Sizer Extremely heavy 1 enemy
Heat Kaiser Extremely heavy 1 group of enemies
Nuclear Missile Extremely heavy All enemies

Game SpecificEdit

Persona 2Edit

Name Power Target
Ultra Freila* Varies 1 enemy

Persona 5Edit

Name Power Target
Atomic Flare Severe 1 enemy
Cosmic Flare Severe All enemies

Persona skill cardsEdit

Innocent Sin
Frei card IS
Frei Card
Freila card IS
Freila Card
Scorching card IS
Scorching Card, which teaches Freidyne
Eternal Punishment
Frei card EP
Frei Card
Freila card EP
Freila Card
Torment card EP
Torment Card, which teaches Freidyne

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