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Okumura Palace

Inside of Okumura Palace

Okumura's Palace is a location in Persona 5.


Persona 5Edit

A world within the Palace created by Kunikazu Okumura. During the Hawaii trip, Yuuki Mishima told the protagonist how people in the Phantom Aficionado Website spoke against Okumura and his company Okumura Foods Incorporated. But the Phantom Thieves of Hearts make him a target only after they discover through a bug installed in Sae Niijima's laptop that Okumura's business has benefited from the psychological disturbances that occured in Tokyo. It appears as a spaceport on Earth's orbit with fast food imagery throughout, representing Okumura's status as the president of Big Bang Burger and his willfully oblivious attitude towards his daughter Haru on his goal to gain power and influence in Japan's politics. It is inhabited by robotics workers and managers, Cognitive existences that embody Okumura's view of seeing them only as a labor.

During the initial infiltration of the Palace, the Phantom Thieves encounter Haru, who has teamed up with Morgana during his brief resignation from the team. Due to her Beauty Thief costume, they initially believe her to be the black-masked Persona user causing problems in the real world, until it is revealed her "silent glare" is due to her forgetting the introductory speech she rehearsed with Morgana. After she shyly forces out her introduction, she proclaims she and Morgana will retrieve the Treasure first, due to her father's care for her allowing her to control the Palace's security systems to an extent. Naturally, the first door she opens is filled with her father's Shadows, and she, Morgana, and the Thieves are forced to beat a hasty retreat.

It is later revealed that she wants to change her father only to avoid the arranged marriage between her and the son of a powerful politician, Sugimura.


Okumura's Tresure

Kunikazu's Tresure

In the Palace, Kunikazu's Treasure takes the form of a mysterious glowing orb with a metallic shell inside the Palace. When the Phantom Thieves found it, Okumura takes the orb away in order to lure the Thieves into trap. Morgana, however, avoids the trap and saves the Thieves.

In reality, the true form of his treasure is a spaceship model kit "Galaxy" which the gigantic flying saucer in his Palace is based on. Haru explains this is what he wanted as a child but her grandfather never bought it for him because Okumura Foods by that time was still a very small company struggling to thrive, the model kit became the source of Kunikazu's obsession with gathering fortune. Futaba finds out that the model kit is now a valuable collectible.

After that, the SIU Director talks to someone in phone that they have confirmed Kunikazu's reformation by the Phantom Thieves and expects his demise will take place in time.

List of EnemiesEdit


  • Even though this Palace represents the Deadly Sin of Greed instead of Gluttony, the status ailment "Hunger" is mostly inflicted by enemies appear in this dungeon (and subsequently the same regular Shadows which can be encountered again in Mementos). The exceptions are few quest bosses in Mementos and the final boss.

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