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Peri`s official artwork.

Peri (ペリ, Peri)? is a demon in the series.


Peri is a being from Persian lore. Although descended from fallen angels, they are not always evil. The evil, discordant beings known as divs try to imprison the peris as punishment for their failure to rebel against the forces of good.



Devil Survivor 2Edit

"A fairy or a spirit of Persian lore with white, dove-like wings. They are often drawn as beautiful maidens. They eat fragrant scents such as musk, and when their blood dries, it is said to form a gem. They are skilled magic-users and can perform feats such as transformation, flight, and prophesying. They often help heroes with their magic, sometimes even becoming their wives."
Devil Survivor 2 Compendium

Peri is unlocked by reaching Fate rank 3 with Hinako Kujou.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP
Strength 35
Magic 44
Vitality 34
Agility 34
Luck 40
Nymph Neutral-Law 59 481
Attack Type Physical Gun Fire Ice Electricity Wind Expel Curse Almighty
Single Foe/1/Physical/None - - Drain Weak - - Null - -
Poison Paralyze Stone Strain Sleep Charm Mute Fear Bomb Rage
- - - - - - - - - -
Natural Skills
Diarahan Paraladi Chakra Walk
D-Source Skills
Mediarahan Diarahan Sukukaja
Item Drops
Nymph Robe Life Stone Chakra Drop

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Race Level HP MP
Strength 65
Dexterity 65
Magic 65
Agility 65
Luck 65
Nymph 59 483 216
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Electricity Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - Drain Weak - - Null -
Ailment Resistance None
Normal Attack Physical, one hit, one enemy
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Diarahan 16 MP Fully restores one ally's HP. Innate
Me Patra 15 MP Removes sleep, panic and bind from all allies. Innate
Panic Voice 15 MP 70% panic to all foes. 60
Maragidyne 32 MP Heavy fire damage to all foes. 61

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerEdit

Race Level HP MP St In Ma Ag Lu
Yoma 51 319 222 15 13 12 14 6
46 1-2 Sly 132 94 118 94 30 45
List of Skills
Zionga Shibaboo Die Hard

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Race Level HP MP St In Ma En Ag Lu
Yoma 53 398 161 15 13 14 8 14 6
11 842 Sly 136 82 138 82 127 40
Reflects Absorbs Void Resists Weak
- Elec Expel - -
List of Skills
Zionga Mazionga Sukukaja
Tetraja Bombdi

Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo MokushirokuEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP CP
Yoma Neutral-Neutral 25 308 246 36
Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
12 14 31 24 16
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
25 22 17 13 13
List of Skills
Zanma Mazanma Tarukaja
Rakukaja Dia Paraladi

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

I am Peri... Fairy from a distant flower garden...
Red and white sandalwood, musk and citrus... Which incense do you like?
Arcana Type Level SP cost Bonus Returns °
Pentacle Earth 40 27 LUC +1 Spirit Source
Traits Cheerful
Desert fairy with white wings living in the garden of Perry.
Atk Def Matk Mdef
Strength 26
Vitality 29
Technique 37
Agility 33
Luck 43
118 127 106 106
Sw Sh Sk Th Ak Fi Wt Wi Er Ic Ln Nc Ho Dk Al Nr Mn
- - - - - - - - - - - - St St - Nu Nu
Summon Information
Mutation Potential mutation result for Surt, Njord, Heinir, Stymphalides, and Genbu.
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Agidyne Inflicts large Fire damage to an enemy.
2 Kotoludi Recovers a Possessed character.
4 Diarahan Fully restores a character's HP.
5 Refresh Ring Recovers a character's condition.
7 Ziodyne Large Lightning damage + Electrified effect to an enemy. (50% chance)
8 Maha Agidyne Inflicts large Fire damage to a group of enemies.
Mutation Estoma Lowers the encounter rate of enemies weaker than the party.
Unknown Power
Defense Type Reflects or nullifies the incoming attack.

Devil SurvivorEdit

Race Level HP MP
Strength 8
Magic 17
Vitality 7
Agility 12
Femme 28 210
Racial / Auto Skill Physical Phys Fire Fire Ice Ice Electricity Elec Force Force Mystic Mystic
Devotion - - - Resist - Weak
Command Skills
Mazio Drain *
Passive Skills
Anti-Elec Mana Surge *
Oh, a human... I`m Peri the Femme. Would you like to dance with me in the lightning?
I'm to join with another? It's too bad, I had fun talking with you.

Devil Survivor 2Edit

Race Level HP MP
Strength 8
Magic 22
Vitality 10
Agility 14
Femme 38 288
Racial / Auto Skill Physical Phys Fire Fire Ice Ice Electricity Elec Force Force Curse Curse
Devotion - - - Drain - Weak
Command Skills
Passive Skills
Elec Drain Mana Stream *
I'm Femme Peri. I wanna help!
Hmm, I wanted to keep helping you. Okay, see you later!


Peri as she appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
Peri desu
Peri as she appears in Devil Survivor
Peri Devil Survivor 2 (Top Screen)
Peri as she appears in Devil Survivor 2
Peri Card
Peri as she appears in Card Summoner

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