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Persona 20th Anniversary All Time Best Album is a pack-in soundtrack contained in the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Japanese release of Persona 5. This soundtrack has 5 audio CDs and each disc contains selected tracks of each numbered title in the Persona series until Persona 5.

Track listEdit

Disc 1: Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

02エリーのテーマElly's Theme
03南条のテーマーNanjo's Theme
04ダンジョン~街1商店街(東口)Dungeon~Shopping District (East Exit)
05サトミタダシ薬局店のうたSatomi Tadashi Drugstore Song
06戦闘~病院(異変前)Battle~Hospital (Before the Incident)
08街1異変後Town After Incident
09ダンジョン~街1学校(再訪)Dungeon~School (Re-visit)
10戦闘~中ボスBattle~VS Boss
11ブラウンのテーマBrown's Theme
12麻希のテーマ~明るいMaki's Theme~Cheerful
13ダンジョン~警察署Dungeon~Police Station
14マークのテーマMark's Theme
15ダンジョン~廃工場地下通路Dungeon~Abandoned Factory Underground Passage
16ダンジョン~セベク地上部Dungeon~SEBEC Upper Floors
17レイジのテーマReiji's Theme
19神取のテーマ~哀愁Kandori's Theme~Sorrow
20ダンジョン~デヴァ・ユガDungeon~Deva Yuga
21ダンジョン~パンドラの巣(最深部)Dungeon~Pandora's Nest (Innermost)
23雪の女王のテーマ~メインSnow Queen's Theme~Main
24ゆきののテーマYukino's Theme
25アヤセのテーマAyase's Theme
26通常戦闘Normal Battle
27ダンジョン~氷の城Dungeon~Ice Castle
28戦闘~夜の女王Battle~Night Queen
30全ての人の魂の詩Poem for Everyone's Souls
31神話覚醒 -ATLUS kozuka remix-Awakening Legend -ATLUS kozuka remix-

Disc 2: Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

2七姉妹学園ASeven Sisters High School A
3ヒーロー・テーマHero Theme
4ボス戦闘Boss Battle
5黒須・テーマKurosu's Theme
6栄吉・テーマ(悲しい)Eikichi's Theme (Sad)
7葛葉探偵事務所Kuzunoha Detective Agency
8七姉妹学園BSeven Sisters High School B
9ギンコ・テーマGinko's Theme
10舞耶・テーマMaya's Theme
11ゆきの・テーマYukino's Theme
12春日山高校Kasugayama High School
13CDショップ~ギガ・マッチョCD Shop~Giga Macho
16ベルベットルームVelvet Room
17聖槍騎士団Order of the Holy Lance
19最終ボス戦闘Final Boss Battle
20摩耶死すMaya's Death
21ラストバタリオンLast Battalion
23舞耶(テーマ2)Maya's Theme 2
24七姉妹学園Seven Sisters High School
25蝸牛山Mt. Katatsumuri
26ボス戦闘Boss Battle
27Time Count
28日常Daily Life
29クラブ・ゾディアックClub Zodiac
30管制室Control Room
33ベルベットナナシアレンジVelvet Nameless Arrange
35廃工場Abandoned Factory
37海底遺跡Undersea Ruins
38ネコマタ噂事務所Nekomata's Rumor Office
39珠閒瑠城Sumaru Castle
40巨悪Great Evil
41モナドマンダラMonado Mandala
42EX 最終戦闘EX Final Battle
43舞耶・テーマ -ATLUS tsuchiya version-Maya's Theme -ATLUS tsuchiya version-

Disc 3: Persona 3 and Persona 3 FESEdit

# Name
01 Burn My Dread
02 Soul Phrase
03 Want to be Close
04 Time
05 Unavoidable Battle
06 When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars
07 A Way of Life
08 Mass Destruction
09 Deep Breath Deep Breath
10 Master of Shadows
11 A Deep Mentality
12 Wiping All Out
13 Danger Zone
14 Changing Seasons
15 Master of Tartarus
16 Living With Determination
17 The Battle for Everyone's Souls
18 Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
19 Memories of You
20 Heartful Cry
21 Brand New Days
22 Mass Destruction -ATLUS Kitajoh Version-

Disc 4: Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4: Dancing All NightEdit


Original title

1 Shadow World
2 Pursuing My True Self
3 Signs Of Love
4 Your Affection
5 Like a dream come true
6 Backside Of The TV
7 Time To Make History
8 I'll Face Myself -Battle-
9 I'll Face Myself
10 Reach Out To The Truth
11 Heartbeat, Heartbreak
13 A New World Fool
15 Heaven
16 Long Way
17 The Almighty
18 Never More
20 Dance! -Long Mix-
21 Your Affection -ATLUS konishi version-

Disc 5: Persona 5Edit

#Original titleEnglish translation (if needed)
01Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
03脱出Escape (unofficial: Retreat)
04Life Will Change
05逃走~逮捕Getaway & Arrest (unofficial: Escape ~ Arrest)
06尋問室Interrogation Room
07回想~暗示Recollection & Foreboding (unofficial: Reminiscence ~ Overtone)
08Beneath the Mask
-instrumental version-
10異世界へInto the Metaverse (unofficial: To the Metaverse)
11疑惑Suspicion (unofficial: Doubt)
12緊迫Tension (unofficial: Urgency)
14欲望Desire (unofficial: Lust)
16Will Power
-another version-
King, Queen, And Slaves (Another Version)
18Last Surprise
19全ての人の魂の詩Aria of the Soul
20Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
-Megami Ibunroku Arrange-

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