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P2 Punitive Dance Cover

Album Cover

Persona 2 Batsu Punitive Dance (ペルソナ2 罰 PUNITIVE DANCE) is a dance-remix soundtrack for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment published by Enterbrain.

Track ListEdit

#English titleOriginal Japanese title
1BGM 2 ~Groove Mix~
2Red Lantern Shiraishi ~Burn With Passion~赤提灯しらいし ~燃える情熱~
3Opening ~Shall We Dance...?~ オープニング ~shall we dance...?~
4Peace Diner
6BGM 1
7East Asia Defense東亜ディフェンス
9Jolly Roger
10Penthouse ~Go! Go!~ペントハウス ~GO!GO!~
12Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy ~Parapara Tadashi~サトミタダシ薬局店 ~PARAPARA TADASHI~
13Mt. Mifune蝸牛山
14Memories ~Sin or Punishment~回想 ~sin or punishment~

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