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Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (known in Japan as Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night) is a rhythm game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita developed by Atlus. It is based on Persona 3. Two similar games are Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.


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Unlike Dancing All Night, Dancing in Moonlight lacks a story mode. The story mode has instead been replaced with a new mode where the player can enjoy interacting with other characters. The player can choose a different partner for each of the fever time sections in a song. Partners will express their relationships while dancing, each with different choreography.

Hair color and colored contacts can be individually set, alongside accessories, allowing for more variations and combinations.

Dancing in Moonlight on PlayStation 4 is also compatible with the PlayStation VR, where you can view certain rooms and models.


  • "Brand New Days" (Yuyoyuppe Remix) Featuring Makoto Yuki
  • "Mass Destruction" Featuring Makoto Yuki
  • "When the Moon Reaches for the Stars" (Hideki Naganuma Remix) Featuring Yukari Takeba
  • "Want To Be Close" (ATOLS Remix ) Featuring Yukari Takeba
  • "A Deep Mentality" (Lotus Juice Remix) Featuring Junpei Iori
  • "Deep Breath Deep Breath" (Yuu Miyake Remix) Featuring Junpei Iori
  • "Soul Phrase" Featuring Akihiko Sanada
  • "Light the Fire Up in the Night" (KAGEJIKAN + MAYONAKA) Featuring Akihiko Sanada
  • "Burn My Dread" (Novoiski REMIX) Featuring Mitsuru Kirijo
  • "When the Moon Reaches for the Stars" Featuring Mitsuru Kirijo
  • "Time" (Atlus Kitajoh Remix) Featuring Fuuka Yamagishi
  • "Wiping All Out" (Atlus Kozuka remix) Featuring Fuuka Yamagishi
  • "A Way of Life" (Atlus Kitajoh Remix) Featuring Aigis
  • "Heartful Cry" (Atlus Konishi Remix) Featuring Aigis
  • "Light the Fire Up in the Night" (KAGEJIKAN + MAYONAKA) (sasakure.UK Remix) Featuring Ken Amada
  • "Mass Destruction" (Tetsuya Kobayashi Remix) Featuring Ken Amada
  • “Aria of the Soul” (T.Komine Remix) Featuring Elizabeth
  • "Burn My Dread" Featuring SEES
  • The Battle for Everyone's Souls” (Daisuke Asakura Remix) Featuring Male SEES Members
  • “Memories of You” (Atlus Meguro Remix) Featuring Female SEES Members
  • "Our Moment"
  • "Moonlight Serendipity"
  • "Laser Beam" (Persona Super Live P=Sound Bomb!!!!! 2017)
  • "Burn My Dread -Last Battle-"
  • "Brand New Days"

DLC SongsEdit

  • A Way of Life" (Deep inside my mind Remix) Featuring Theodore
  • "Beneath the Mask" Featuring Lavenza
  • "Break Out of..." (Atlus Kitajoh Remix) Featuring Sho Minazuki
  • "Today" Featuring Labrys
  • "The Battle for Everyone's Souls" Featuring Shinjiro Aragaki
  • "Will Power" Featuring Goro Akechi
  • "Our Moment" (Full Ver.)
  • "GROOVY" (Full Ver.)
  • "Voice" (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)
  • "Dance!" (OP Ver.)
  • "More Than One Heart" (Persona 3 The Movie Special Edition Ver.)
  • "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" (OP Ver.)
  • "時価ネットたなか" (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)
  • "Fate is In Our Hands" ((Persona 3 The Movie Special Edition Ver.)
  • "Let’s Go! Phoenix Ranger Featherman" (TV Animation Ver.)
  • "Mass Destruction" (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)
  • "The Snow Queen" (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)
  • "Dream of Butterfly" (OP Ver.)
  • "オープニング" (OP Ver.)
  • "Unbreakable Tie" (OP Ver.)
  • "Burn My Dread" (OP Ver.)
  • "Kimi no Kioku"
  • "The Battle for Everyone's Souls" (PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB !!!! 2017)
  • "Soul Phrase" (OP Ver.)
  • "P3 FES" (OP Ver.)
  • "Infinity" (ED Ver.)
  • "Pursuing My True Self" (OP Ver.)
  • "The Whims of Fate" (PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB !!!! 2017)
  • "Shadow World" (OP Ver.)
  • "Break Out Of..." (OP Ver.)
  • "Best Friends" (OP Ver.)
  • "Life Will Change" (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN by 東京室内管弦楽団)
  • "Changing Me" (HD)
  • "Maze of Life" (OP Ver.)


Boxart & Promo
P3D key visual art
Official package visual artwork
P3D-P5D Illustration of Aigis and Morgana
Promo art featuring Aigis and Morgana
Phantasy Star Online 2 x Persona series collaboration
Collaboration with Phantasy Star Online 2
English P3D logo
P3D screenshot of the Dance Mode system
Dance Mode System
P3D screenshot of Elizabeth in Club Velvet
Elizabeth in Club Velvet
P3D The Protagonist screenshot design
The protagonist's design
P3D screenshot of Yukari
Yukari appears in-game
P3D screenshot of Yukari design
Yukari's design
P3D screenshot of Junpei
Junpei appears in-game
P3D screenshot of Junpei design
Junpei's design
P3D screenshot of Aigis
Aigis appears in-game
P3D screenshot of Aigis design
Aigis's design
P3D screenshot of Mitsuru design
Mitsuru's design
P3D screenshot of Akihiko design
Akihiko's design
P3D screenshots of Fuuka's design
Fuuka's design
P3D screenshots of Ken's design
Ken's design
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1280 1080
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1600 900
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「ペルソナ3 ダンシング・ムーンナイト」 PV1

「ペルソナ3 ダンシング・ムーンナイト」 PV1

Trailer PV1
「ペルソナ3 ダンシング・ムーンナイト」PV2

「ペルソナ3 ダンシング・ムーンナイト」PV2

Trailer PV2 (Dec 24, 2017)
Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight Announcement Trailer

Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight Announcement Trailer

English Release Announcement Trailer (June 7, 2018)

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