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Persona 3 manga

Cover for Chapitre Un

The Persona 3 Manga is a manga adaption of the game Persona 3 written by Shuuji Sogabe. Each volume is referred to as a Chapitre, which is French for Chapter. Each individual chapter is referred to as a Piece and given a French name. The protagonist is named Minato Arisato (有里湊). The manga adaption is extremely similar to the game, as of the third volume, almost no changes to the plot were made.


  • Chapitre Un
  • Chapitre Deux
  • Chapitre Trois
  • Chapitre Quatre
  • Chapitre Cinq
  • Chapitre Six
  • Chapitre Sept


Persona 3 manga
Chapitre Un
Persona 3 Manga 3
Chapitre Deux
Persona 3 Manga 4
Chapitre Trois
Persona 3 manga 2
Chapitre Quatre
P3 Manga Chapitre Cing
Chapitre Cing
P3 Manga Chapitre Six
Chapitre Six
P3 Manga Chapitre Sept
Chapitre Sept
Persona 3 Cover 1
Cover for Volume 1
Persona 3 Cover 2
Cover for Volume 2
Persona 3 Cover 3
Cover for Volume 3
Persona 3 Cover 4
Cover for Volume 4
Persona 3 Cover 5
Cover for Volume 5
Persona 3 cover 6
Cover for Volume 6
Persona 3 Cover 7
Cover for Volume 7

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