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Persona 3 Illust Puzzle (イラストパズル ペルソナ3) is a puzzle game published by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones released through their Megaten α service.


  • Japan: March 3rd, 2008 (S!Appli)
  • Japan: April 14th, 2008 (iAppli)


Persona 3 Illust Puzzle is a nonogram-style puzzle game. Like traditional nonograms, cells in a grid must be filled in in order to correctly reveal the image. The puzzles in this game are primarily tied to the Arcana motif of the Persona series with a total of forty puzzles, in color and monochrome difficulty levels. By completing puzzles, players fill out the game's gallery.


IllustPuzzle 01
IllustPuzzle 02

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