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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティマックス
Perusona Fō Ji Arutimakkusu
Urutora-Sūpurekkusu Hōrudo
Game Information
Developer Arc System Works
Publisher Atlus


Genre Fighting
Platform(s) Arcade
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release Dates
Flag of Japan Arcade
November 28, 2013
August 28, 2014
Flag of the United States/Flag of Canada September 30, 2014
Flag of Europe November 21, 2014

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, also known as Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold in Japan, is a 2D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and under the supervision of Atlus's Team Persona. It is a sequel to Persona 4 Arena in both story and gameplay.


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Teaser-101:41

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Teaser-1

Game PV

The story is a continuation of the events depicted in Persona 4 Arena and begins a few days after the previous game. The Midnight Channel is back on the air and once again broadcasts a strange advertisement for another fighting tournament christened P-1 Climax, that shows members of the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives in combat. Just moments after this, Inaba is subject to a power outage and is engulfed by a bizarre red fog. Furthermore, figures that look suspiciously like Mitsuru Kirijo, Aigis and Akihiko Sanada being crucified are shown on TV. While the Investigation Team attempts to figure out what's going on, Junpei Iori becomes trapped in the red fog, while Labrys and Yukari Takeba ride on a helicopter to see the fog engulf Inaba.


see Gameplay of Persona 4 Arena

The gameplay in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is still that of a fighting game. However, substantial changes to characters and the system have been made from Persona 4 Arena.

In Japan the Arcade versions of Ultimax will receive a update in January 2015 that includes the Console characters, as well as Shadow-Types obtaining burst.

Changes from Persona 4 ArenaEdit

  • The original Short-Hop mechanic can now be cancelled into from an attack with less startup. Evasive Actions can now be Guard Cancel Rolled into at the cost of 50 SP. Recovering from certain attacks or getting counter hit normally will cause a counter hit state as usual, only some moves now provide a window of a free Fatal Counter hit, which makes the aforementioned moves more risky than before.
  • A new system implemented is known as the "S Hold System" (coined by the recent trailer primers as the "Suplex Hold System") which is a special attack which changes its properties the longer the A button is held down, physically shown as a meter on the screen (Skill Boost, SP Skill, Awakening SP Skill then Instant Kill in that order of held-down duration).
  • Enhanced Super Moves called Skill Boost Skill Attacks allows characters to perform a much powerful SP Skill Attack by spending 75 SP instead of the usual 50 SP and using two associated buttons instead of one (much like how one does a normal Skill Boost).
  • All characters' auto-combos' first inputs (5A) are unchanged from the previous game, and a few characters, namely Yu and Akihiko, retain the same second inputs (5AA) as well. All other characters' auto-combos differ past the first hit for the normal version of their character, while Shadow versions of characters retain the old auto-combo from the previous game. Shadow Labrys (Asterius) is the only returning character from Pesona 4 Arena whose auto-combo has not changed in Ultimax. Elizabeth is the only character who can also access the first 3 hits of her original auto-combo via repeatedly pressing heavy character attack (5BBB), thereby making her the only character with two auto-combos.
  • Ultimax enables an extra Super Meter bonus on first attack landed after the round's start, where an additional 10 SP bonus is given (even for both characters if they managed to both counter hit themselves and land the first attack at the same time).
  • The overall damage of characters has been toned down.
  • A new blue HUD based on Persona 3 replaces the previous yellow Persona 4 HUD.
  • Exclamation marks not only appear above the characters' heads as usual in recent games for any incorrectly blocked moves, but also during a Negative Warning.

Shadow-type CharactersEdit

With the exception of Elizabeth, Shadow Labrys with Asterius, two versions of Sho Minazuki, Tohru Adachi, and Marie, there exists an alternate version of characters based on the Shadows of the Persona series. Shadow-Type characters are more geared towards the offense as they build more SP as they attack and their SP is carried over between rounds. Shadow-type characters utilize the character's original auto/dial combo from Persona 4 Arena and can use Awakening SP Skills with 100 SP. Shadow-Types are also altered on their stats in comparison to their normal counterparts, as they all have 2000 plus HP and deal 20% less damage overall.

In addition, they gain access to a mode known as Shadow Frenzy (Shadou Bousou), which gives them unlimited SP for a limited amount of time and is activated by what would be the Burst command while the character is at 100 SP. In compensation for these additions, they lose major defensive techniques, mainly Bursts and Awakenings despite their larger HP amount. Thus, this makes the Shadow Type a high-risk, high-reward playstyle with an emphasis on skill usage.

In the case of Labrys and her Shadow mode(s), there is both a Shadow Mode Labrys (with Ariadne) and the original Shadow Labrys (with Asterius).


Returning CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit

  • Yukari Takeba: The Unsightly Pink Sniper (ドぎついピンクスナイパー Dogitsui Pinku Sunaipā, a reference to the fact that she's wearing her Pink Argus costume.)
  • Junpei Iori: The Mighty Strike-Out Slugger (逆襲の全力空転スラッガー Gyakushū no Zenryoku Kūten Suraggā, a reference to his baseball theme and his constant failings.)
  • Sho Minazuki
    • Solo: The Rule-Smashing Pun Machine (掟破りの駄洒落マシーン Okite-yaburi no Dajare Mashīn)
    • Persona: The Scar-Faced Dark Messiah (創面貌(スカーフェイス)の黒き救世主(メサイア) Sukāfeisu no Kuroki Mesaia)

Console Exclusive CharactersEdit

  • Rise Kujikawa: The Scandalous Superstar Idol (完全変態☆スーパーアイドル Kanzen Hentai Sūpā Aidoru. "Kanzen Hentai" is a polysemy for "totally perverted", a reference to her Shadow; and "holometabolism", a reference to the fact that Himiko has undergone a drastic change from a navigational Persona to being capable in fighting.)
  • Ken Amada and Koromaru as one playable character: The Pretentious Tenderfoot Duo (生意気盛りの皮肉屋新人(シニカルーキー) Namaiki-sakari no Shinkarūkī, a reference to Ken's seriousness and naïveté and the fact that he and Koromaru play as a single character.)
  • Tohru Adachi: The Egocentric Police Dick (完全自己中キャベツ刑事(デカ) Kanzen Jikochū Kyabetsu Deka, a reference to his egotism and the fact that he is a former police detective. "Dick" is a play on both his personality and his former profession, while the Japanese title includes "cabbage", a food that he is said to eat often.) (DLC Character)
  • Marie: The Antisocial Poet of the Hollow Forest (虚ろの森のツンデレ詩人(ポエマー) Utsuro no Mori no Tsundere Poemā, a reference to her dungeon, her personality, and her habit of expressing her thought into a poem.) (DLC Character)
  • Margaret: The Sadistic Stud-Keeping Secretary (イケメン飼いのドS秘書 Ikemen-gai no Do Esu Hisho), a reference to her position as an assistant in the Velvet Room, all the Personas she uses in-game are male, and how she kissed Yu the day before he leaves in the True Ending. (DLC Character)


Persona4TheUltimax Logo
Japan logo
ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティマックス ウルトラスープレックスホールド トレーラー映像02:14

ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティマックス ウルトラスープレックスホールド トレーラー映像

Seen at the very end is a glimpse of "Shadow Yu"
Artwork of Aigis defeating Yu
P4U2 Official Website Artwork
Official Artwork
P4AU Boxart
P4AU update official artwork
Update Boxart
P4AU Shadow Version artbox
Shadow Version Boxart
Japan Special Edition
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Yukari Takeba Trailer00:54

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Yukari Takeba Trailer

Yukari Takeba Trailer
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Junpei Trailer00:51

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Junpei Trailer

Junpei Trailer
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Rise Trailer00:49

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Rise Trailer

Rise Trailer


  • Like its predecessor, the game's official Japanese website once again featured Aigis and Yu Narukami fighting in a duel. However, Aigis is seen defeating Yu with a massive suplex, which befits the Japanese title of the game.
  • The Shadow Types do not share themes with their other selves, as all of them have their own distinct themes, all of which have been taken from either Persona 3 or Persona 4:
    • Shadow Yu: Reach Out To The Truth - First Battle
    • Shadow Yosuke: ZONE TIME
    • Shadow Chie: Backside of the TV
    • Shadow Yukiko: Castle
    • Shadow Kanji: Sauna
    • Shadow Teddie: Borderline of Madness
    • Shadow Naoto: Secret Base
    • Shadow Rise: Striptease
    • Shadow Yukari: Calamity
    • Shadow Junpei: Deep Breath Deep Breath
    • Shadow Mitsuru: Shadow
    • Shadow Akihiko: Crisis
    • Shadow Aigis: Master of Shadow
    • Shadow Ken & Koromaru: That Which Comes from the Darkness
    • Shadow Labrys (Ariadne): The Almighty
  • Newcomers possess moves their Personas normally do not learn:
    • Rise's Himiko can perform both Tetrakarn and Makarakarn, as well as even Arrow Rain.
    • Ken can perform Thunder Reign, which neither Nemesis or Kala-Nemi can learn naturally.
    • Adachi with Magatsu-Izanagi can use Megidola, though it can only use Megidolaon in Persona 4 Golden.

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