Persona 5: Dancing Star Night is an upcoming rhythm game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita developed by Atlus. It is based on Persona 5. Two similar games are Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Additonal CharactersEdit


Unlike Dancing All Night, Dancing Star Night lacks a story mode. The Story Mode has instead been replaced with a new mode where the player can enjoy interacting with other characters. The player can choose a different partner for each of the fever time sections in a song. Partners will express their relationships while dancing, each with different choreography.

Hair color and colored contacts can be individually set, alongside accessories, allowing for more variations and combinations.



P5D key visual art
Official package visual artwork
P5D screenshot of the Dance Mode system
Dance Mode System
P5D screenshot of Caroline and Justine in Club Velvet
Caroline and Justine in Club Velvet
P5D The Protagonist screenshot design
The protagonist's design
P5D screenshot of Ryuji
Ryuji appears in-game
P5D screenshot of Ryuji design
Ryuji's design
P5D screenshot of Ann
Ann appears in-game
P5D screenshot of Ann design
Ann's design
P5D screenshot of Makoto
Makoto appears in-game
P5D screenshot of Makoto design
Makoto's design
P5D screenshot of Morgana design
Morgana's design
P5D screenshot of Yusuke design
Yusuke's design


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