Persona 5 Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Persona 5. The soundtrack features 110 tracks from the game.

Tracklist Edit

d.t Original title English title (iTunes) Remark
1.01Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out ThereWake Up, Get Up, Get Out ThereFull version of opening theme
1.02PhantomPhantomTitle screen
1.04Life Will ChangeLife Will ChangeLater dungeon theme after
issuing calling card
1.05逃走~逮捕Getaway & Arrest
1.06尋問室Interrogation Room
1.07回想~暗示Recollection & ForebodingFlashback on train &
Vision of Arsene
1.08全ての人の魂の詩Hymn of the SoulVelvet Room
1.09Beneath the Mask
-instrumental version-
Beneath the Mask
(Instrumental Version)
1.10出会いMeetingAnn appears
1.11異世界へInto the MetaverseFirst discovery of
Kamoshida's Palace
1.13覚醒AwakeningPersona awakening
1.14Will PowerWill PowerAwakening battle
Sae "Leviathan" Niijima battle
Goro Akechi battle
-another version-
King, Queen, And Slaves
(Another Version)
Kamoshida's Palace
Alternate Version
1.16王と王妃と奴隷King, Queen, And SlavesKamoshida's Palace
1.17Last SurpriseLast SurpriseNormal battle
1.18TalkTalkHold Up
1.19勝利TriumphVictory fanfare
1.20Tokyo EmergencyTokyo EmergencyMission starts
1.21告白/秘密Confession / Secret
1.22告白/秘密 -piano version-Confession / Secret
(Piano Version)
1.23Layer CakeLayer CakeIwai's airsoft shop
1.24Life Will Change
-instrumental version-
Life Will Change
(Instrumental Version)
Dungeon theme after
issuing calling card
1.25Blood of VillainBlood of VillainPalace host encounter
1.26Blooming VillainBlooming VillainPalace host battle
1.27RegretRegretConfession of main heist target
1.28色欲の崩壊The Collapse of LustKamoshida's Palace
collapse cutscene
1.29Beneath the MaskBeneath the MaskNight theme
1.30終わらない日々Endless DaysGeneric time-spending

event theme

1.31スターフォルネウスStar Forneus8-bit cartridge
1.32パンチdeアウチPunch Ouch8-bit cartridge
1.33垢太郎鉄道Train of Life8-bit cartridge
1.34豪血寺一味Power Intuition8-bit cartridge
1.35はったれ五右衛門Legend of Gambla Goemon8-bit cartridge
1.36プロゴルファー猿田彦Pro Golfer Sarutahiko8-bit cartridge
2.01Tokyo DaylightTokyo DaylightCity during day time
2.02Butterfly KissButterfly KissTakemi's clinic
2.03メメントスMementosEarly Mementos
2.04Have a Short RestHave a Short RestSafe Room
2.05Suspicious PersonSuspicious PersonYusuke approaches
2.06My HomieMy Homie
2.07Wicked PlanWicked Plan
2.08A WomanA WomanMadarame's Palace
2.09A Woman -another version-A Woman (Another Version)Madarame's Palace
twisted zone
2.10Sunset BridgeSunset BridgeResolution of case
2.11Days of SistersDays of SistersNiijima household
2.12Beneath the Mask -rain-Beneath the Mask -Rain-Rainy night
2.13BAR にゅぅカマーCrossroads
2.15High PressureHigh Pressure
2.16PricePriceKaneshiro's Palace
2.17Price -another version-Price (Another Version)Kaneshiro's Palace core
2.18Keeper of LustKeeper of LustMid-boss battle
2.19Life Goes OnLife Goes OnExams
2.20夏の日の思い出Memories of SummerFireworks festival
2.21灼熱の砂漠を往くTreading on Scorched SandFutaba's Palace approach
2.22母のいた日々 -another version-When Mother Was There
(Another Version)
Futaba's Palace outside
2.23母のいた日々When Mother Was ThereFutaba's Palace inside
2.24AlleycatAlleycatSad theme
2.25憤怒の崩壊The Collapse of WrathFutaba's Palace
collapse cutscene
2.26Alright -elp version-Alright (Elp Version)
2.27New BeginningNew Beginning
2.28HawaiiHawaiiHawaii arrival cutscene
2.30Break it Down -elp version-Break it Down (Elp Version)
2.31The SpiritThe SpiritConfidant unlock/rank up
2.32What's Going On?What's Going On?Confidant event
2.33SweetSweetRomantic theme
2.34ビッグバン・バーガーのマーチBig Bang Burger March
2.35TRIPLE SEVENTriple SevenArcade Center
2.36クレーンゲームCrane GameRemix of Junes theme
2.38家電量販店Home Electronics Store
2.39おかえりなさいませ! ご主人様♡Welcome Home, Master!Maid Cafe
2.40懺悔のお時間Time to RepentKanda Church
2.42闇ネットたなかTanaka's Shady Commodities
3.01Beneath the Mask
-rain, instrumental version-
Beneath the Mask -Rain,
(Instrumental Version)-
Rainy day theme
3.02Break it DownBreak it Down
3.03つまらないSo BoringSchool lecture
3.04廃人化Mental ShutdownKobayakawa's death
3.05SweatshopSweatshopOkumura's Palace
3.06Sweatshop -another version-Sweatshop (Another Version)
3.07RUN,RUN,RUN!Run,Run,Run!Palace collapse
3.08放送事故Accident on-AirKunikazu's press conference
3.09不穏DisquietOminous days
3.10The Whims of FateThe Whims of FateNiijima's Palace
3.11脱出 -another version-Escape (Another Version)
3.12逃走 -another version-Getaway (Another Version)
3.13BetrayerBetrayerTraitor's identity revealed
3.14Nothingness...?Nothingness...?Death of a Phantom Thief...?
3.15TrickTrickStaging a suicide
3.16底知れぬ傲慢Limitless PrideReveal of Shido's Palace
3.17方舟ArkShido's Palace
3.18次期総理の船路に捧げる即興曲Impromptu for the
Next Prime Minister
Shido's Palace restaurant
3.19Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
-instrumental version-
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
(Instrumental Version)
National broadcast hijack
3.20Rivers in the Desert
-instrumental version-
Rivers In the Desert
(Instrumental Version)
Beast of Human Sacrifice battle
3.21欲望DesireCrime of main heist target
3.22Rivers in the Desert Rivers In the DesertMasayoshi "Samael" Shido battle
Holy Grail battle
3.23傲慢の崩壊The Collapse of PrideShido's Palace collapse cutscene
3.24自由と安心Freedom and PeaceDepths of Mementos
3.25ErosionErosionMementos manifests
3.26対峙ConfrontationJaldabaoth appears
3.27JaldabaothJaldabaothJaldabaoth battle theme
3.28Swear to My BonesSwear to My BonesNew awakening
3.29Our BeginningOur BeginningSatanael appears
3.30星と僕らと -piano version-Hoshi To Bokura To
(Piano Version)
Mementos disappears
3.31星と僕らとHoshi To Bokura ToEnding theme
3.32Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
-opening movie version-
Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
(Opening Movie Version)

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