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A Persona User is a being, usually human, who has the supernatural ability to summon their Persona. After they obtain their Personas their physical and mental abilities increase to superhuman levels.



Persona 3Edit

The protagonist and other Persona Users' summon their Personas by using their Evokers. The Kirijo Group created two types of Persona User by creating the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon and Artificial Persona User to fight against Shadow. The Persona of the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon are created using a Plume of Dusk, while Artificial Persona Users are open to attack by their Personas due to their unnatural awakening. Persona 3 also shows that a dog can use a Persona.

Persona 4Edit

The protagonist and other Persona Users' crush their Tarot Cards to summon their Personas. When an ordinary Shadow gain an ego it was able to become a Persona User.

Persona 5Edit

The protagonist and other Persona Users' rip away their Masks to summon their Personas: their first summoning is shown to be traumatic. Their Personas were able to transform their Users physically by giving them outfits that reflect their true selves.

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