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Persora the Golden Best

First volume cover

Persora -The Golden Best- are a series of four concept albums based on the Persoramimi Theater segment from Persona Stalker Club. It features songs from Persona 3 and Persona 4 that have English lyrics commonly misheard by Japanese players. These are illustrated on the album's jacket and booklet by Yuuji Hinata. It is important to note that the songs are unaltered and they were not actually resung with silly lyrics.


  • Japan: July 16, 2014 (Original Album)
  • Japan: February 18, 2015 (Second Album)
  • Japan: October 2016 (Third Album)
  • Japan: November 2016 (Fourth Album)

Track listingEdit

Original album Edit

  1. Pursuing My True Self (Persona 4)
  2. Wiping All Out (Persona 3 Portable)
  3. Best Friends (Persona 4 Arena)
  4. Time To Make History (Persona 4 Golden)
  5. When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars (Persona 3)
  6. Your Affection (Never More -Reincarnation: Persona 4-)
  7. Joy (Persona 3)
  8. Deep Breath Deep Breath (Persona 3)
  9. Reach Out To The Truth (Moonbug Remix) (Persona 4 (AT1st~Persona3&Persona4~Club Arrange))
  10. Time (Persona 3 Portable)
  11. Heartbeat, Heartbreak (Persona 4)
  12. Shadow World (Persona 4 Golden)
  13. Maze of Life (Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth)

Second album Edit

  1. Burn My Dread
  2. Light the Fire Up in the Night “DARK HOUR”
  3. Mass Destruction
  4. Iwatodai Dorm
  5. Backside Of The TV
  6. Laser Beam
  7. A Lone Prayer
  8. Changing Seasons
  9. Light the Fire Up in the Night “MIDNIGHT”
  10. A Way of Life
  11. Heaven
  12. Mass Destruction [Live] 13 Pursuing My True Self (ATLUS Kozuka Remix from “P4D”)
  13. Pursuing My True Self (ATLUS Kozuka Remix from “P4D”)
  14. PQ Terrible Cooking Theme

Third album Edit

Fourth album Edit


Persora 2 Cover
Second volume cover
An illustration of two soramimi in the booklet
PERSORA -THE GOLDEN BEST 3- package illustration by Yuji Himukai
Third volume cover - package illustration by Yuji Himukai

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