Persona 5 Phantom Thief Channel poll

The anonymous poll "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves, or not?" with a mere 6.7% approval rating.

"There are probably a lot of people who have high hopes for the Phantom Thieves' next move. So I've also implemented an anonymous poll on the site. "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves, or not?""
—Yuuki Mishima, Persona 5

Phantom Aficionado Website (怪盗お願いチャンネル, Kaitō onegai chan'neru)?, or simply the "Phan-site", is a website created by Yuuki Mishima to promote the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in Persona 5.

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Yuuki with the popularity survey.

The Phan-site holds the anonymous poll "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves, or not?" and collects submission of heist requests.

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers Edit

Kazuya Makigami himself almost makes a request to make his other gang members disappear, but ultimately decides not to send it. Naoya Makigami makes a request for help to the Phantom Thief Channel that his brother Kazuya is physically abusing him.


Comments left in the anonymous poll can be supportive, comical, curious, trolling, insulting, or even death threats and the site to be reported and shut down. Comments are sorted by this.

QUESTION: Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?


  • "'of hearts?' What tryhards"
  • "I've been waiting for this!" (a possible reference to Akihiko Sanada's all out attack line.)
  • "Isn't it just a prank?"
  • "Never even heard of them"
  • "Who made this site? Ridic"
  • "even kids aren't that dumb"
  • "gtfo with that shit LOL"
  • "is this a cult?"
  • "my friend says they're real!"
  • "sauce plz"
  • "viral marketing...?"


  • "It's just a coincidence..."
  • "Petty criminals? Pointless"
  • "This is getting good!"
  • "Too elaborate for a prank"
  • "Vigilante justice is wrong."
  • "What about the pupils?"
  • "What's gonna happen now?"
  • "What's he gonna be hit w/?"
  • "i just can't"
  • "pics or it didn't happen"
  • "ppl really believe this? lmao"
  • "ppl who buy this... -_-"
  • "they can't catch EVERYONE"
  • "they're just making threats"
  • "thieves are the bad ones"
  • "was it rly a phantom thief?"
  • "what a joke"

QUESTION: Are the Phantom Thieves just? This poll is adopted on 6/11.


  • "Akechi-kun is right!"
  • "Isn't it a crime?"
  • "It's called the law..."
  • "NO! justice ain't that simple"
  • "NO. They piss me off."
  • "Steal dem corrupt hearts!"
  • "They seem full of it, so NO"
  • "They're still thieves..."
  • "They've always been fishy..."
  • "This is the police's job."
  • "better be arrested soon"
  • "don't even bother with this"
  • "get off your high horse"
  • "hmm seems interesting"
  • "i hate Akechi, so YES???"
  • "if ur so just, show ur face"
  • "they're allies of justice."
  • "they're up to something"
  • "this has to be fake, lol"
  • "this is so immature."


  • "Isn't it a crime?"
  • "Probably at least somewhat"
  • "They seem full of it, so NO"
  • "They're cool, so HECKYEAH!"
  • "They're still thieves..."
  • "get off your high horse"
  • "i dont buy into that stuff."
  • "of course not. done"
  • "that "justice" stuff is ehh"
  • "this is so immature."


  • "Hang in there you guys! ;w;"
  • "I bet they're crying LOL"
  • "Neither are just"
  • "both are crossing the line"


  • "Such annoying marketing"
  • "Their word is final."
  • "better than the cops"
  • "i bet it's worldwide news"
  • "justice was w/ the thieves."
  • "what a time to be alive"


  • "Calling card! YAAAAAAS!"
  • "Exterminate his family too!"
  • "Here comes the apology rofl"
  • "I've been waiting for this"
  • "Leave everything to them~"
  • "Make him beg!"
  • "No apology yet? :["
  • "Ooh, a calling card! kekeke"
  • "Take him out. It's an order"
  • "The world needs to see this!"
  • "They better not screw it up"
  • "Yeah, get that greedy CEO!"
  • "an apology isn't enough."
  • "become prime minister plz!!"
  • "dat okumura stock drop lol"
  • "destroy all evil!"
  • "let's hear from the workers!"
  • "no more big bang burg, lmao"
  • "stop fucking around"
  • "we're with you, p.thieves!"
  • "❤❤❤ Phantom Thieves ❤❤❤"

On 10/12, the support rate drops from the 90s to the 70s due to the death of Kunikazu Okumura.


  • "Is he really dead...?"
  • "Now, who's next? ;)"
  • "Well that was disturbing..."
  • "die capitalist pigs!!!"
  • "whoa wtf"

On 10/13, the support rate drops a bit again to the 60s.


  • "Awww, what a waste"
  • "Evil has perished."
  • "Gotta break a few eggs"
  • "So, whodunnit?"
  • "Were we deceived?"
  • "do we know how they do it?"
  • "eh, good riddance"
  • "killing ppl's a no-no"
  • "omg, the comments hahaha"
  • "omg, they went overboard lol"
  • "they got carried away..."
  • "what about his daughter?"

Over the next week, the support rates drops to the 50s, 30s, and then 20s.

  • ""justice" sounds hollow now"
  • "Are the calling cards fake?"
  • "Blame the politicians too."
  • "Bloodthirsty killers!!!"
  • "Enough is enough!!!"
  • "Even Akechi's lost it"
  • "False charges happen, but..."
  • "Hurry and arrest them"
  • "Hurry up and execute them!"
  • "I dare to support them."
  • "I kiiinda sympathize..."
  • "I reported this website."
  • "I told you so..."
  • "I'm scared to go outside..."
  • "Is the admin an accomplice?"
  • "No hate-slinging, please!" (a message from the admin, Mishima)
  • "Officer, look!"
  • "Oh how far they've fallen"
  • "Pls don't kill me ;_;"
  • "Police were negligent too."
  • "Shut this site down!!!"
  • "That was traumatizing..."
  • "They must be punished."
  • "They need to be executed"
  • "They were screwing with us."
  • "They're assassins."
  • "Ugh. We were fooled."
  • "We can't leave them be"
  • "What about the politicians?"
  • "awful, they betrayed us"
  • "bring on the breakdowns~!"
  • "cant say w/o evidence"
  • "cmon, just kill everyone!"
  • "didnt expect much anyway"
  • "got anything better to do?"
  • "he had it coming, amirite?"
  • "id bet money on the rest"
  • "its just coincidence, yep"
  • "just turn yourselves in pls"
  • "lel, regret backin em yet?"
  • "lol dont be fooled so easy"
  • "lol, ppl still like them?"
  • "low expectations, ho!"
  • "media's garbage as expected"
  • "overhyped imo"
  • "p quick to switch sides lol"
  • "support went to shit lmao"
  • "tbh i just wanna troll, lol"
  • "their fans are guilty too"
  • "they even steal LIVES???"
  • "they're just suspects..."
  • "throw em in the slammer!"
  • "trash talking feels risky..."
  • "typical bandwagon, gg"
  • "uhh, yea they're evil"
  • "waste of tax money imo"
  • "wat do they want, anyway?"
  • "world-famous fail loool"

QUESTION: Are the Phantom Thieves innocent? This poll is adopted on 10/29.

Around 20%

  • "30 million yen OMG XD"
  • "Akechi-kun, save us!"
  • Enough is enough!!!"
  • "False charges happen, but..."
  • "Is the admin an accomplice?"
  • "Oh how far they've fallen"
  • "Record-breaking evil"
  • "They gotta be arrested now"
  • "can't know w/o a trial"
  • "id bet money on the arrest"
  • "if ur innocent, show yourself"
  • "lol this place went to shit"
  • "ppl still stand by them?"
  • "that freaked me out omg"
  • "they're def guilty"
  • "they're freaking out hahaha"
  • "they're running loose rn..."
  • "this site pisses me off"
  • "waste of tax money imo"
  • "what if they are LOL"
  • "who cares either way?"

Trivia Edit

  • Not long after western release, a fan made Phan-Site appeared ( It tries to mimic the in-game Phan-Site by holding poll and allowing anonymous comments.

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