Phoenix Ranger Featherman R

Phoenix Ranger Featherman R (不死鳥戦隊フェザーマンR, Fushichō Sentai Fezāman Aru)? is a famous TV show in the universe of the Persona series.



Phoenix Ranger Featherman R typically comes on Saturday night and is a parody or homage to Tokusatsu programs like Super Sentai (Most likely Chojin Sentai Jetman and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman). The known team members are named after a type of bird, and they include: Red Hawk, Black Condor, Blue Swan, Yellow Owl, White Swallow and Pink Argus.

Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP opening Phoenix Ranger Featherman R masks

Phoenix Ranger Featherman R masks in the Innocent Sin PSP remake opening movie

All the main characters, except for Yukino Mayuzumi, role-played as these heroes during their childhood, wearing masks and dubbing themselves as the Masked Circle. The masks can be collected and serve as key items that will provide each character's ultimate Persona, excluding Jun Kurosu's Black Condor mask which was retrieved prior to the beginning of the game.

In the opening movie of the PSP remake, shelves hanging the Phoenix Ranger Featherman R masks appear briefly at a festival vendor.

Persona 3Edit

Ken Amada is embarrassed that he owns a Phoenix Ranger Featherman R action figure, since he's already established precocious maturity as an impression to his fellow SEES members. The show can be watched on the TV in the dorm every Sunday.

List of Episodes:

  • Episode 10: Instant Ramen Smorgasbord: Feather Swan!
  • Episode 14: Lovebomb!
  • Episode 15: High School Combat!
  • Episode 16: Confusion in the Presses!
  • Episode 17: The Priestess' Revival
  • Episode 18: Death of a Condor
  • Episode 19: Believe in Yourself!
  • Episode 20: Married Life
  • Episode 21: Trash Monster on the Move!
  • Episode 22
  • Episode 23: Here Comes a New Challenger!
    • This episode included a special Apathy Syndrome announcement from Feather Condor.
  • Episode 24: Giant Robot March! Icaras! Garuda! Combine!
  • Episode 25: The Shadow's Half-Smile!
  • Episode 34: Hawk's Betrayal!
  • Episode 35: Passenger Pigeon Romance!
  • Episode 36: Ant-Guy, The Walking Appetite!
  • Episode 37: Here Comes The Emperor!
  • Episode 38: Hammer Ambush!

The MovieEdit

Midsummer Knight's DreamEdit

Five masks of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R can be seen at the Summer Festival on display.

Persona 4Edit

Kanji Tatsumi admits to having been a fan in his childhood. Naoto Shirogane's dungeon, Secret Laboratory, is also referenced as being similar to many of the secret bases found in such shows. In his job as caretaker, the protagonist watches as the children act out moves from the show. One kid in particular, Yuuta, enjoyed watching the show as he gets along with his stepmother Eri Minami.

In the events of the True Ending, Teddie will reference Phoenix Ranger Featherman R if talked to at the entrance to Marukyu Striptease by saying "I'll protect everyone! Phoenix Ranger Featherman Bear!"


In Persona 4 Golden, all the playable characters have Neo Featherman costumes that can be purchased from Okina City's Croco Fur.

  • Protagonist: Feather Hawk (Red). The color of the leader as noted by everyone. Yukiko wonders whether she'd fight over the color if she was a boy.
  • Yosuke: Feather Owl (Yellow). Yosuke wonders if he is the fat one, and Chie asks whether he likes curry.
  • Chie: Feather Parakeet (Green). She remarks that green is the healing one. Teddie imagines her kicking down trees when she says that its the color of nature.
  • Yukiko: Feather Argus (Pink). Chie did not expect Yukiko to watch tokusatsu shows, prompting her to say that "unless we defeat evil, we can forget about a bright future!" Game description refers to her as Feather Asas.
  • Kanji: Feather Falcon (Black). Chie remarks that Kanji is better suited for the evil characters like the four kings that were defeated early in the show.
  • Naoto: Feather Swan (Blue). Chie notes that the smart one wears blue, and Naoto explains further that Swan is the youngest in the group, but also a master tactician.
  • Teddie: Feather Horned Owl (White). Teddie refers to himself as the Tidy Endorphin Power Stranger, which is a wordplay reference to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which was an early-90s American adaptation of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger).

The AnimationEdit

Kids at the Inaba daycare center are shown playing with a Neo Featherman toy, a giant robot. When Yu Narukami offers to pay for it after the toy is broken, it is shown to cost 68,000 yen (roughly $700).

Persona 4 Arena UltimaxEdit

"Death must not be needlessly feared. But it must not needlessly be desired as well. Face it and fight, Featherman!"
Featherman Victory Intro

Yukari Takeba becomes an actress and plays the role of Pink Argus in the most recent incarnation of the show, Phoenix Ranger Featherman Victory. Her weapon, created by Kikuno Saikawa, is based on the ultimate bow she uses from the show. In Yukari's epilogue, much to her surprise, Yukari learns that Mitsuru watches "Featherman V" since her best friend is one of the show's stars.

Persona 5Edit

Futaba Sakura owns a set of figures from the show in her room. Her room also has posters of it. Yusuke Kitagawa rearranges the figures and changes their poses, much to Futaba's horror.

The show sometimes plays on the TV in Leblanc.

The AnimationEdit

Pheonix Featherman R Persona 5 Animation

Phoenix Ranger Featherman team posing.

The whole team can be seen on the jumbotron in Shibuya. The scene then changes to Ren Amamiya, spotting Ann Takamaki on break, during a photoshoot with Mika.

Devil Survivor 2Edit

In one of his events, Joe mentions that he is a fan of the manga "Featherman: From The Ashes."


Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Red Hawk
Red Hawk mask.
Yellow Owl
Yellow Owl mask.
Pink Argus
Pink Argus mask.
Blue Swan
Blue Swan mask.
Black Condor
Black Condor mask.
Joker with the masks.
Child Tatsuya as Red Hawk
Child Eikichi as Yellow Owl
Child Lisa as Pink Argus
Child Jun as Black Condor
Persona 4 Golden
Featherman Rangers
The Featherman outfits in Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Yukari Change3.png
Yukari pre-transformation
Feather Groupshot1
Yukari as Pink Argus with the cast of Featherman V
Feather Groupshot2.png
Group shot of the cast, number two
Ultimate arrow2.png
Yukari posing with the "Ultimate Bow"
Ultimate arrow3.png
Yukari using the move "Miracle Feather Arrow"
Yukari Pink2.png
A clear head shot of Yukari
Enemies of Featherman R
Persona 4: Dancing All Night
P4D Yu Narukami Featherman Costume DLC
Yu as Feather Hawk
P4D Yosuke Hanamura Featherman Costume DLC
Yosuke as Feather Owl
P4D Chie Satonaka Featherman Costume DLC
Chie as Feather Parakeet
P4D Yukiko Amagi Featherman Costume DLC
Yukiko as Feather Argus
P4D Kanji Tatsumi Featherman Costume DLC
Kanji as Feather Falcon
P4D Naoto Shirogane Featherman Costume DLC
Naoto as Feather Swan
P4D Teddie Featherman Costume DLC
Teddie as Feather Horned Owl
P4D Rise Kujikawa Featherman Costume DLC
Rise as Feather Shoebill
Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night
P3D The Protagonist Featherman Costume
Protagonist as Feather Eagle
P3D Yukari Takeba Featherman Costume
Yukari as Feather Argus
P3D Junpei Iori Featherman Costume
Junpei as Feather Penguin
P3D Akihiko Sanada Featherman Costume
Akihiko as Feather Berkut
P3D Mitsuru Kirijo Featherman Costume
Mitsuru as Feather Crane
P3D Fuuka Yamagishi Featherman Costume
Fuuka as Feather White-eye
P3D Aigis Featherman Costume
Aigis as Feather Peregrine Falcon
P3D Ken Amada Featherman Costume
Ken as Feather Sparrow
Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
P5D The Protagonist Featherman Costume
P5D Morgana Featherman Costume
Morgana as Feather Rock Hopper
P5D Ryuji Sakamoto Featherman Outfit
Ryuji as Feather Ostrich
P5D Ann Takamaki Featherman Costume
P5D Yusuke Kitagawa Featherman Costume
Yusuke as Feather Pheasant
P5D Makoto Niijima Featherman Costume
Makoto as Feather Bald Eagle
P5D Futaba Sakura Featherman Costume
Futaba as Feather Toucan
P5D Haru Okumura Featherman Costume
Haru as Feather Cockatoo


  • Phoenix Ranger Featherman R is an homage to the real life Tokusatsu series Chōjin Sentai Jetman (which in turn is an homage to Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman), having similar details and episode synopses between them. The characters also share the same names (except for Pink Argus and Blue Swan, whose Jetman counterparts are White Swan and Blue Swallow respectively).
  • Johnny Yong Bosch, the English VA for Yu Narukami is known for portraying Adam Park in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo. Yu's seiyuu, Daisuke Namikawa also has done some work for Super Sentai, Power Rangers' Japanese counterpart of which Featherman is a parody of.
  • Yukari's leading role as Feather Pink in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax can be counted as one of the few references where the pink "ranger" is depicted as the main hero. In one of Yukari's victory poses she performs, albeit a single variant version, of a pose akin to the iconic Super Sentai stances as a subtle reference to them.
  • When Yusuke Kitagawa rearranges Futaba Sakura's Featherman figures, he places them in the poses of the Ginyu Force from Akira Toryiama's Dragon Ball series.