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The Police Station (警察署, Keisatsusho)? is a reccuring location in the Persona series.




Brown obtains his Persona here, and can optionally join the party.


  • Jail Key (Key Item)


Demon Order Lvl HP Weak Resist Void Absorb Reflect Item
Ghost Spirit880Sword, Fire, Expel-Gun, Tech, Rush--Magical Guard
Hoodlum Foul888Element, Force----Revival Bead
Ukobach Fallen990Ice--100% Fire, Death-Turtle Candy
Afanc Wilder974Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Dis-Para
Ba Flight1060Gun-Wind--Metal Card
Agathion Yoma1070Force---50% FireMedicine
Leprechaun Jirae11110Wind, Blast--100% Earth-Mamagna Stone

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