The Primate Intelligence Lab is a facility in Soul Hackers.



The Primate Intelligence Lab is where Dr. Thrill relocates after the protagonist and Nemissa barged in on his lab in the frozen warehouse. This area is unusual because of the very high encounter rate with numerous low-level demons, which enables rapid acquisition of Magnetite. To proceed to higher floors, the player must answer several intelligence quizzes to unlock the way up.

On the third floor, they must traverse the invisible maze; relying on the mini-map to navigate around the unseen walls and doors to reach the main laboratory. There they encounter Dr. Thrill, who sarcastically congratulates them on proving they have simian levels of intelligence. When questioned on whether he is involved with the Phantom Society, he grumbles how occasional favors gets him pestered by other summoners all the time. He then reveals his new solution to the problem: Romero, a cyborg ape trained as a Devil Summoner with a penchant for trash-talking and riddles. He then poses a series of four riddles; upon answering all four correctly, Romero feigns despair before summoning several Rolwoys and attacks the protagonist. Upon being defeated in conventional battle, Dr. Thrill berates him for his failure, leading to the two to part ways. He then leaves to go home, sulking over all the "ingrates."


  • Me Patra Stone (1F)
  • Dis-Stone (1F)
  • Lucifer Panel (2F)
  • Chakra Pot (2F)


15Jack FrostFairy
15Moh ShuvuuRaptor
20Pyro JackFairy
36Rolwoy x5Yoma

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