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Protagonist (Persona 4: Dancing All Night)
Also known as Protagonist
Japanese Name 主人公
Romaji Shujinkō
First Appearance Persona 4: Dancing All Night
"Oh... Welcome to the Velvet Room. Don't worry, this is merely a dream. The "you" in the real world is sound asleep. Having said that... you're no guest of this room."
—Margaret to the protagonist, Persona 4: Dancing All Night

The protagonist of Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a person who accidentally wonder into the Velvet Room.



Through the tradition of the Megami Tensei franchise, they are a silent protagonist.


Persona 4: Dancing All NightEdit

One night when the protagonist is fast asleep they found themselves in the Velvet Room one night with Margaret greeting them. She states that they are not guests of the Velvet Room but wander in there in their dreams. Margaret states that nothing meaningless happens in the Velvet Room and believed there's a reason that they are here. She decides to tell them the story of Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team.


  • They are the first protagonist to be featureless.

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