Quazir as it first appears.

Quazir, known as Quasar (クェーサー) in Japan, is the final boss of DemiKids Light Version.


Quasar stands for quasi-stellar radio source, and is one of the brightest and most distant objects in the universe.



DemiKids: Light VersionEdit

Quazir is the force manipulating Imperius and absorbs him after he retreats from his defeat at the hands of Jin. It feeds on the lives of creatures and Time itself. It takes pleasure in the suffering and death it causes. Quazir will even question why Jin hates it when it was created by the power of Darkness that gave life to Valhalla itself. It changes form several times during the battle itself.

Devil Survivor 2: Record BreakerEdit

Quasar is the boss only skill of Arcturus, which inflicts the 4-DOWN ailment that makes all enemies on the field weak to Fire/Ice/Force/Elec.


Quazir 2
Quazir's Face
Quazir 3
1st Form
Quazir 4
2nd Form
Quazir 5
3rd Form

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