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Rampage Drive

Rampage Drive
(バスタードライブ, Basutaa Doraibu) is a sub-boss found on the 14th floor of Tartarus. It impedes the player's progress and must be beaten to proceed.



Rampage Drive is notorious since it appears early in the game, at a stage where the player is not likely to have any party members available other than Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba. Junpei has difficulty damaging the boss since it is immune to all physical attacks and resists fire, while Yukari will face trouble if it chooses to continue to cast Mazio to keep her knocked down. Buffs and debuffs will definitely be useful in squeezing extra damage onto the boss or reducing the chances of getting hit by its troublesome attacks.

The best strategy is to level up the Pixie Persona until it learns the ability Pulinpa. This will prevent the boss from using his most powerful attacks, including Mazio, until the effect wears off. By declawing the boss in this manner he can be beaten much earlier in the game. Another strategy is to use Cadenza fusion spell between Orpheus and Apsaras since it raises the hit and evasion stats for the entire party as well as recovers 50% of the party's HP.


Persona 3Edit

Level ArcanaHPSP St Ma En Ag Lu
8 Chariot450??  ??  ??  ??  ??  ??
Slash Strike Pierce Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almighty
Null Reflect Null Resist - - - Null Null -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Assault Dive Inflicts a small amount of Strike damage to one enemy
Mazio Inflicts a small amount of Electric damage to all enemies
Tarukaja Raises an ally's Attack for 3 turns


Rampage Drive
Rampage Drive design in Spring of Birth
P3M Ramage Drive
Rampage Drive as it appears in Spring of Birth

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