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Also known as Roald (Japanese version)
Japanese Name ロアルド
Romaji Roarudo
First Appearance Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2
Firearm Type Shotgun
Atma Avatar Indra
Atma Brand Lightning Bolt
Brand Location Left Hand
Japanese VA Nobutoshi Kanna
English VA Kirk Thornton

Roland (ロアルド, Roarudo) is a character from Digital Devil Saga 2.



The leader of the Lokapala and guardian of Fred, both of which fell into his care after he fled a mission gone wrong and abandoned the original leader, Greg, resulting in the other man's death. A classically trained author, he fell into despair and became an alcoholic following the death of his friend, and unconvinced in his own ability to lead the Lokapala. After meeting the Embryon, he sobers up and injects himself with the demon virus at Fred's prompting, gaining the "Lightning Bolt" Atma that allows him to transform into Indra.

As a human, he uses a shotgun as his weapon. As Indra, he is strong against electric attacks but weak against earth attacks. He starts as a well balanced character in Strength and Magic with a deficiency in Agility and Luck. As he develops, he gains superior Strength and Vitality, making him ideal for physical combat.

He regains his courage to fight and goes off to avenge his fallen comrades by facing Meganada alone. He later sacrifices himself alongside Argilla to destroy the monster, and his data ascends to the sun. Based on the player's dialog choices over both games, he either joins Seraph for a final battle or allows Heat to take his place.


Roland and Indra
Lightning Bolt Hi Resolution
"Lightning Bolt" Atma Brand

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