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Sadayo Kawakami
Sadayo Kawakami
Japanese Name 川上 貞世
Romaji Kawakami Sadayo
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana Temperance
Japanese VA Mai Fuchigami
"I can turn a blind eye of you skipping classes. In return for this, please don't tell anyone about this part time."
—Sadayo to the protagonist, Persona 5

Sadayo Kawakami is a character from Persona 5.



Sadayo has an unkempt hair, consistently has a sleepy face, wears a yellow striped sweater, blue denim skirt, and carries a notebook. She also wears her own maid uniform while working for "delivery health".

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Sadayo is a Japanese language and homeroom teacher of class 2-D at Syujin High School. She appears on the day when the protagonist first arrives at the school on Sunday for registration. The principal assigns the protagonist to her class which is also attended by Anne Takamaki and Yuki Mishima because it is the only class of second year with vacancy. Knowing her new student is a juvenile on probation, Sadayo displays anxiety and expects a tougher male teacher would be more suitable to handle such student.

After her primary occupation, Sadayo dons the French maid uniform and works as a delivery health provider. The protagonist dials her to his residency. Instead of feeling embarrassed, she compliments his sense of justice for opposing Suguru Kamoshida. She agrees to comfort him assuming her student short of friends due to the bad rumors about him spread by Kamoshida, but asks him to keep a secret about her part time.


Unlocking her Cooperation requires participation in "maid looking party" with Ryuji Sakamoto and Yuki Mishima in Shibuya and Ryuji's home after 24th May. Then talk to Sadayo after school with the implication of maid service. After that given that the protagonist's courage is at level 3 or higher, he can dial Sadayo to his residency to initiate her Cooperation. The call-out service for basic house cleaning costs 5,000 yen each time and only available on Friday and Saturday regardless of weather. Additional domestic service costs additional fee.

1During Sadayo's lecture, the player can nap, read other book or craft items.
3Call-out maid: Provides coffee (SP recovery item) brewing and laundry services.
5During other teachers' lectures, the player can nap, read other book or craft items.
7Call-out maid: Provides curry (SP recovery item) cooking and crafting services.
10Call-out maid: Provides massage service after adventure from the Palace so the player can continue night activities instead of sleeping straightaway.

Gallery Edit

Sadayo at the harem.


  • Sadayo's name resembles Sadayakko Kawakami (川上 貞奴), originally a geisha and became a famous actress since her performance in the United States in 1899.

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