SEBEC's logo.

Saeki Electronics & Biological & Energy Corporation (佐伯エレクトロニクス&バイオロジカル&エネルギー・コーポレーション?) aka SEBEC (セベク?) is a corporation with a significant role in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



SEBEC is an energy company headed by President Saeki, though its Mikage-cho branch is headed by Takahisa Kandori. Kandori uses the company as the front for his brainchild project, the DEVA System.

There is a secret entrance to the main SEBEC building accessible via the Abandoned Factory. With a security card, it is possible to access the factory underground, which connects to the SEBEC building. The underground is full of boxes with the SEBEC logo in them, indicating that the company uses the site as a storehouse. However, it's unknown if the company had any ties with the factory prior to its deactivation or is merely taking advantage of the free space.

There have been sightings of strange events in the building by its employees, like fake hallways and stairs as well as appearances of the ghost of a small girl (the latter most likely being Aki) due to test runs of the DEVA System. There are also hidden door and passageways that most employees do not know of.


  • 2F - Rattle Drink (x2), Scorpion Whip, Glock 26, AK-47, Shot Shells, Spectra Vest (x2), Flame Shawl
  • 3F - Titanium Guard (x2), Spectra Vest
  • 4F - Rattle Drink, Dis-Sick, Ingram, Delta Storm, Shot Shells, Black Shoes, Raven Feather
  • 5F - Mossberg M500, Spectra Vest (x2), Shot Shells, Titanium Guard


  • Light Grey boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Void Absorb Reflect Item
Mr. Zombie Grave110Element, Force-Guns--QQ Helmet
Slime Foul118Element, Force----Silver Prayer Wheel
Poltergeist Spirit220Sword, Fire, Expel-Guns, Tech, Rush--Life Stone
Jack Frost Fairy848Force---IceMabufu Stone
Leprechaun Jirae11110Wind, Blast--Earth-Mamagnara Stone
Zombie Cop Grave11110Element, Force-Guns--Dis-Para
Cu Sith Beast1290Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Shadow Needle
Fuji Musume Haunt12120-Magic--GunsDis-Para
Nightmare Night1391Physical--Element, Force-Paralama Stone
Gremlin Jaki13130Force---50% IceSlick Drop
Angel Divine14140Physical, Death, Curse--Element, Force-Athame Knife
Moh Shuvuu Raptor14100Guns-Weapons, Force--Mazan Stone
Secret Police Meta14187-----Muscle Drink
Yakuza Foul15165Element, Force----Plasma Sword
Pyro Jack Fairy1590Force---FireMaragi Stone
Cockatrice Drake15225Fire, Ice, Earth--Wind-Dis-Stone
Hannya Brute16160Death, CurseElement, Force---Guren no Muchi
Yomotsu-Shikome Femme17170Element---NuclearSilver Prayer Wheel
Gandharva Yoma18126Nuclear, Blast, Gravity--Electric-Fauchard
Rusalka Fairy18108Force---IceTurquoise
Agent Meta20222------
Takeda Meta30720Ice, Earth, Tech, Rush-----


  • SEBEC's logo is an Ankh, with devil-like horns added to reference its role in the game. The name is a mispelling of Sebek, which is another name for the Egyptian god Sobek.[1]
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