Ronde Sakurako

Sakurako Saotome's design in Ronde

Sakurako Saotome (早乙女 桜子, Saotome Sakurako) is a character in Ronde.


  • Ronde: Playable character


A nineteen year old young woman, Sakurako is a former classmate and friend of the protagonist, Asuka Miroku and Keita Matsumoto. She was visiting the Tokyo National Museum alongside Asuka, Keita and Satoshi Miroku when Satoshi was kidnapped by Moloch. She becomes a party member following this.

Her profile in-game notes she is an intellectual, but old-fashioned beautiful girl. Through interactions with Charlie Watts, it is clear she can speak some English. In battle, she uses swords. Among the starting cast, she has the lowest HP.


Ronde Combat
Sakurako in battle
In-game portrait