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The Samsara Tunnels are a huge network of waterways underneath the Junkyard that help to deal with the unending rains. There are multiple entrances in locations such as Svadhisthana, Manipura, and Ajna.


Later in the game, Serph and company are informed that Lupa wishes to meet with them and that he is waiting for them at Svadhisthana. Upon meeting, Lupa expresses his wishes to form an alliance with the Embryon against the Brutes. Once the truce was made, Lupa led the Embryon into the Samsara Tunnels. Lupa breaks ahead of the Embryon and shifts into his Cerberus form, wreaking havoc among the Brutes. However, his mind degenerated as the carnage continued, and he began killing both Brutes and Wolves indiscriminately. At the exit from the tunnels to Ajna, the Embryon found him and were forced to kill him in self-defense. This act forcibly awakened Gale's emotions.

Once the Embryon have obtained the Red Key and defeated Beelzebub, he will flee to Manipura. In his flight, he will open up another access ladder into the tunnels. Once the party catches up to him, he will engage them in his stronger Fly form.

Another area of the tunnels can be accessed in Anahata once Ravana has been defeated at Ajna.


Access from SvadhisthanaEdit

Access from ManipuraEdit

Access from AnahataEdit

  • Ongyo-Ki x 3 (As Enemy Reinforcements and in an Ammo Node behind a Red Wall)


Access from SvadhisthanaEdit

  • MP Noise
  • Logic Cell
  • Chakra Pot
  • Organic Cell
  • Revival Gem
  • Theory Cell
  • Luck Noise x 2
  • Great Chakra
  • Revival Gem
  • Forged Shot
  • Power Noise
  • Ration x 2
  • Logic Cell (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Theory Cell (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Red Key (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Logic Cell (behind a Yellow Wall)

Access from ManipuraEdit

  • Power Noise x 2
  • Vital Noise x 2
  • Charm Shot
  • Logic Cell
  • Fusion Cell
  • Theory Cell (behind a Blue Wall)
  • MP Noise (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Logic Cell (behind a Blue Wall)
  • Fusion Cell (behind a Blue Wall)

Access from AnahataEdit

  • Fusion Cell
  • Layer Cell
  • Great Chakra (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Magic Noise (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Logic Cell (behind a Yellow Wall)

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