Samuel Smith is a playable character from Maken X.


  • Maken X: Minor Character, Playable Character
  • Maken Shao: Minor Character, Playable Character


Samuel Smith appears to be a large middle aged man wearing a beige colored prisoner's outfit. He has shackles on his wrists and ankles and wears several expensive jewelry such as rings.


He is described as a very greedy individual. Despite having what most people would want, he still desired more; ironically causing him to lose everything he had. After his imprisonment, he spends his days in misery, possibly to an extent that he would not mind death, as he does not protest at all at being Brainjacked.


"The former party leader of the European Union, and husband of the present party leader Marguirite. He originally became the party leader by making an illegal deal with Malukala. Though he had power and wealth and a pretty wife, Marguirite, 20 years younger than him, Smith still wanted more and kept dealing drugs and weapons with Malukala. His wife, who became a Hakke, imprisoned him in the Tower of London, where he is leading a miserable life every day."
—Samuel Smith's profile in Maken Shao

He is first mentioned by the Fukenshi Badelaire, who wishes to find him in order to locate the Hakke Malukala's secret hideout by Brainjacking him. He is revealed to be both the former E.U. party leader and husband to the now Hakke Marguerite, who also usurped his position. Due to his greed, he was easy to overthrow and is currently imprisoned in the Tower of London.

If the Maken, as Fukenshi Badelaire, reaches the top of the tower in the London stage, Badelaire can break the electric lock leading to Smith's cell. He is found slumped over, where the Maken can Brainjack him to reveal Hakke Malukala's secret hideout in Sicily.


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 1
EX Special N/A
Life 1
Power 7
Speed 1
Jump Low
"Cannot take much damage, although offensive strength is great."

Samuel Smith starts as both the slowest character and the least bulkiest character, with a base Speed and Life of 3 each. Combined with his relatively short default move, Hammer Attack, he is very difficult to use, even with his massive base Power of 8. For this reason, after players Brainjack him to reveal Malukala's hideout, it is suggested that they switch back to Badelaire, as transversing London as a 0% synchronized Samuel Smith is near suicide. When players fully synchronize with Samuel however, his Life is increased to a manageable 5 and his Power to 9. His later skills can be useful too, as they are medium ranged and wide, in particular his Smith Spin and its extension, Rolling Smith. His EX Special, Varsac, is the same as the power-up boost; hence Samuel Smith has the potential to be the most offensive character in the game, outclassing even Hakke William in terms of offense.