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"School Days"

"School Days" is the peaceful theme for Persona, the PSP remake for Megami Ibunroku Persona. Composed by Shoji Meguro. The song is the seventh track in the first disc of the Persona Original Soundtrack.



Looking through my eyes

If perhaps you feel I woke up with you, just smile.

Don't you want it, baby?

Keep it real, let's keep it real.

(コトバ二ハ - kotoba niha) Sometime

(イエナイケド - ienai kedo) I will return at everything

(キミハキット - kimi ha kitto) into your love sweet time

(シッテル - sitteru)

(コトバ二ハ - kotoba niha) I walk

(イエナイケド - ienai kedo) into your world

(キミハキット - kimi ha kitto) and pleased Being with you!

(シッテル - sitteru)


ハテシナク ツヅク ミチ (hateshinaku tuzuku michi)

カケヌケテ イキキレテ コドウ タカマル (kakenukete iki kirete kodou takamaru)

コトバ二ハ イエナイケド (kotoba niwa ienai kedo)

ソバニソット イルカラ (soba ni sotto irukara)

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