Persona 4 Secret Laboratory

Entrance to the Secret Laboratory

"I guess our proper boy detective isn't as grown-up as he looks."
—Yosuke Hanamura at the entrance

Secret Laboratory (秘密結社改造ラボ, Himitsu Kessha Kaizō Rabo)? is a dungeon in Persona 4. Spawned off within the Midnight Channel by Naoto Shirogane's true feelings, it resembles a sci-fi secret base; according to Kanji Tatsumi, the base seems to be inspired by those on tokusatsu shows.


To unlock the dungeon, go to the High School and talk to a girl in front of Classroom 1-2. Then, speak with a girl at the Practice Building. Next, talk to a cop at the Shopping District, North near Konishi Liquors - he is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Later, talk to Chie at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbed, and then talk to the cop again - who reveals Naoto's "obsession" towards the cases. Next, speak with the housewife standing in front of the Tatsuhime Shrine, and go to the Shopping District South on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to speak with a cop who talks about Naoto being "treated like a child". With these two clues, the dungeon's location is revealed.

Aptly named the Secret Laboratory, the dungeon is different from previous ones where the floors go down instead of up. As the Team continues downwards they are given warnings to turn back. Rise interprets this as Naoto's refusal to mix with other people. On the sixth basement floor, the Team is stopped by a locked door requiring the Leader Card. The Team explores the dungeon to find the Research Card (in a treasure chest), and goes back a few floors until they find a locked door on the fourth basement floor. This leads to a Boss guarding the Leader Card.

After successfully defeating the "Dominating Machine", the Team continues on until the final basement where they find Naoto confronting her other self. The "Other Naoto" spells out everything, most surprisingly the fact that Naoto is, in fact, not male. Naoto refuses to accept her other self and a fight against her shadow commences. Later, Naoto realizes that everyone must accept his or her true self and continue on with life, regardless of their appearance or personality.

This concludes their rescue, but Naoto's words before succumbing to fatigue are sound and true; the case is far from over.

In the Persona 4 The Animation, the Secret Laboratory is destroyed by Beelzebub's Megidolaon.


Locked chestsEdit

Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type
Death Scudetto Kanji weapon Red Battlesuit Male armor Peach Battlesuit Female armor Spirit Hachimaki Accessory Black Cat Charm Accessory
Iron Charm Accessory Steed Strap Accessory Maneki Neko Accessory Ryumyaku Brace Accessory Amaterasu Fob Accessory
Moon Potpourri Accessory Blaze Vow Accessory Blaze Pin Accessory Fire Suppressor Accessory Blizzard Vow Accessory
Blizzard Pin Accessory Ice Suppressor Accessory Volt Vow Accessory Volt Pin Accessory Volt Suppressor Acessory
Storm Vow Accessory Storm Pin Accessory Wind Suppressor Accessory White Feather Accessory Black Feather Accessory
Falcon Eye Accessory Sigma Drive Accessory Awareness Note Accessory Patient Collar Accessory Earth Badge Accessory
Sorcerer's Mark Accessory Reprisal Chain Accessory Blessed Hands Accessory Disinfectant Accessory Tranquil Buddha Accessory
Bravery Vessel Accessory Disguise Mask Accessory Cool Beads Accessory Healthy Recipe Accessory Kid's Hachimaki Accessory
Safety Belt Accessory Book of Serenity Accessory Bead Item Bead Chain Item Chewing Soul Item
Soul Food Item Soma Item Chest Key x3 Item

Normal chestsEdit

Peach Seed Life Stone Soul Drop Snuff Soul Revival Bead
Balm of Life Hiranya Amrita Soda Purifying Water Purifying Salt
Physical Mirror Magic Mirror Assault Signal Diamond Shield Super Sonic
Homunculus Vanish Ball Goho-M San-zun Tama Hell Magatama
Dry Ice Frost Magatama Tesla Coil Arc Magatama Yashichi
Cyclone Magatama Segaki Rice Curse Paper Smart Bomb Chest Key
Trap Chest

Shuffle Time PersonasEdit

Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana
34 Gorgon Empress 34 Setanta Emperor 34 Yamata no Orochi Moon
36 Flauros Hierophant 36 Samael Death 37 Parvati Priestess
37 Pazuzu Devil 38 Dominion Justice 39 Dis Magician
39 Orthrus Hanged Man 40 Genbu Temperance 40 Yatagarasu Sun
41 Oukuninushi Emperor 41 Hitokoto-Nushi Hermit 41 Alraune Moon
42 Hanuman Strength 43 Triglav Chariot 43 Fuu-ki Star
44 Gabriel Empress 44 Succubus Devil 45 Thoth Emperor
45 Hokuto Seikun Hierophant 46 Decarabia Fool 46 Mot Death
47 Rangda Magician 47 Seiryuu Temperance 47 Narasimha Sun
48 Kikuri-Hime Priestess 48 Kurama Tengu Hermit 48 Girimehkala Moon
49 Throne Justice 50 Kali Strength 50 Ganesha Star
51 Pabilsag Emperor 52 Skadi Empress 52 Cerberus Hierophant


Persona 4Edit


Persona 4Edit

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Dominating Machine 53 3070 300 Ice* Phys*, Alm*, Fi*, El*, Wi* Light, Dark - - B4
Shadow Naoto 55 5500 1800 Elec Fire Light, Dark - - B9
Extreme Vessel 57 4800 3000 Wi, Fi*, Ic*, El* Phys, Alm Light, Dark - - B9


  • Extreme Vessel appears from October 6th onwards.
  • * - Indicates hidden attributes, moves over for more info.


Secret Laboratory Normal Battle Arena (P4G)
Normal battle arena
Secret Laboratory Corridors (P4G)
Secret Laboratory Dead Ends (P4G)
Dead ends
Persona 4 Secret Laboratory 3
Junction areas
Secret Laboratory Stairs (P4G)
Persona 4 Secret Laboratory 4
Event trigger
Persona 4 Secret Laboratory 5
Appearance in Persona 4 The Animation


  • After entering Secret Laboratory one of the dialogue choices is "I do not comprehend" which is the catch phrase of Gale from the Digital Devil Saga series.


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