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The Seven Pillars of Solomon are seven items needed to open the way to the Expanse, each named after a celestial body.


Solomon's Pillars are natural formations caused by cracks in red sandstone and are named after King Solomon as it is believed mining was done in the area during Solomon's time.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

In Megami Tensei II, the Seven Pillars of Solomon are needed to gain access to the Expanse. They are scattered all across Tokyo, and once the hero collects all seven and brings them to Masakado (who himself is found in Ground Zero), a gateway may finally be made. Their locations and methods of obtaining them are:

  • Moon Pillar: Balam drops it after his defeat. The hero can't fight him if his Intelligence is below 7.
  • Mercury Pillar: Found in the "Devil's Mouth" in Ikebukuro. The first time the hero attempts to obtain it, his arm gets chopped off, leaving him unable to fight or use his COMP. Once he gets a new robotic arm, he can safely grab the Pillar.
  • Jupiter Pillar: Obtained after defeating Leonard, who can only be fought during a Full Moon.
  • Sun Pillar: Won from the Demon Tournament in Kourakuen.
  • Venus Pillar: The hero is rewarded this Pillar after slaying Vritra in the ordeal chamber.
  • Saturn Pillar: The hero may find this while trapped in Zaratan's stomach.

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