Shadow Futaba
P5 Shadow Futaba
Japanese Name シャドウ双葉
Romaji Futaba no Kage
First Appearance Persona 5
Japanese VA Aoi Yūki
English VA Erica Lindbeck
"Feel the wrath! Those rotten adults are unforgivable!"
—Shadow Futaba to her true self, Persona 5

Shadow Futaba is a character in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

Shadow Futaba is Futaba Sakura's repressed feelings and the master of Futaba's Palace. Unlike most Shadow Selves, she is born partially from positive emotions (Futaba's love for her mother, suspicion she was murdered, and will to live), and as a result she is not hostile to the original Futaba, instead trying to stop the Sphinx from driving her to suicide. While initially hostile to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, angrily asking why they invaded her Palace, being infuriatingly cryptic with advice, and triggering the occasional trap, this was born out of the belief that stealing Futaba's Treasure would hurt her even more. When she realized the Thieves were hired to help save Futaba from herself, she becomes much more friendly and assists them by confronting Futaba while the Thieves distracted the Sphinx. When Futaba regains the will to live, she accepts her Shadow and Shadow Futaba is willingly transformed into her Persona Necronomicon.


Futaba transforming into Shadow Futaba.
Shadow Futaba showing Futaba a mural.
Shadow futaba talking to futaba
Futaba listening to her Shadow.
Futaba talking to her shadow self
Futaba speaking to Shadow Futaba.

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