SJR Shekina


Shekinah (シェキナー) is a demon in the series.


Meaning "dwelling," Shekinah is the female counterpart to YHVH. She represents the divine presence of God.



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ReduxEdit

The Three Wise Men become one as they transform into their true form Shekinah using the fifth Cosmic Egg gathered by the protagonist, obtaining it from their servant Demeter after she spends most of her travels with him in the Wailing Womb manipulating the protagonist for this purpose. The masculine voice and forms of the three are replaced by Shekinah's feminine voice and a bust made of four female faces, facing off against the protagonist who stands in their way.

In battle, she harnesses the fruits gathered by Demeter and the protagonist to attack, each fruit having a different ability stolen from the guardians originally holding them. When near death, Shekinah summons Demeter to heal her at the cost of her life, which the Greek goddess reluctantly does while fearing dying herself.

Healed with the death of her servant, Shekinah continues the fight, becoming highly resistant to all forms of damage except Co-op Attacks. Despite this and added attacks, she's eventually forced to erect a barrier as she nears death again. Shekinah meets her end at the protagonist's hands, with the fifth Cosmic Egg obtained afterwards.

Shekinah is heavily implied to be an avatar of the Great Will, as before dying she apologizes to the Great Will for having failed to guide the world.

Her connection to YHVH (and by extension, the Three Wise Men being YHVH) is implied by Shekinah referring to herself as the god of law, along with the Three Wise Men mentioning that Mem Aleph stole the source of their power and divided into pieces (the fifth cosmic egg/cosmic fruit), which is similar to the EX mission False God in Chains that say that YHVH's power was torn into pieces and sealed away by the mothers of the Schwarzwelt, which implies that Shekinah is in fact YHVH appearing in Strange Journey. Also, before engaging the protagonist, she calls herself Root Shekinah (Shinrei in Japanese, meaning “godly”), further cementing this.

Despite her manipulations, egocentrism and arrogance, she still believes wholeheartedly that her actions are for the Great Will. While dying, she sadly mourns that humanity will slay everything, including the Earth she loves.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ReduxEdit

"You've done quite well, reaching here...
We have bore witness to the full extent of your long journey.
You have learned the truth about the Schwarzwelt, and slain the being at heart of it––Mem Aleph.
What more could you possibly want, (player name)?
If it's mercy you want, allow us to grant it.
You have regained the Cosmic Egg, source of our power, from the vile Mem Aleph.
So long as You do no disrupt the god of law's creation, we shall let you be.
If, however, you foolishly decide to dabble in the creation of your own world...
Your arrogance will be met with punishment
—As the Three Wise Men, just before transforming.

"I, Root Shekinah, shall cleanse your arrogance with divine punishment. The ancient gods and the humans who worship them are no longer needed... The earth is mine alone! I am your god! Your will is of no consequence, Human. You will embrace my mercy. I no longer have need of that song... Now that my power's returned, I shall create a new world myself. Rejoice, for it begins with your death! Your soul will serve as the new world's foundation! Praise my name and rejoice! Behold the rightful ruler of this planet–Root Shekinah!"
—Shekinah, just after transforming, before engaging the protagonist in the New Neutral route

"Ahhh... I am defeated... Reduced to nothing... How frightening... First Mem Aleph, and now you have slain me as well... Man slaughters all... Demons, gods... And even... Earth... O Great Will... It all ends... Woe unto me... I failed to guide... the world..."
—Shekinah, upon defeat