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Shiho Suzui
Japanese Name 鈴井 志帆
Romaji Suzui Shiho
First Appearance Persona 5

Shiho Suzui is a character in Persona 5.



Shiho has dark hair in a ponytail tied with a pink band.


Shiho is a quiet and reserved suicidal girl who rarely talks to anyone and doesn't smile much. In fact, the only person she lights up around at school is Anne.


Persona 5Edit

Shiho is Anne Takamaki's only friend at Syujin High School.

She recently joins Suguru Kamoshida's volleyball club but her leg swells supposedly an injury suffered from training. She is molested by Kamoshida.

Shiho attempts suicide but fails, much to Anne's shock and sadness. After Shiho is hospitalized, Anne vows to seek the answers behind the reasons and get revenge for her friend.

After Kamoshida's defeat and confession, Anne sadly reveals to the protagonist and Ryuji that Shiho's mother has decided to transfer Shiho to another school in hopes of a fresh start. Realizing that the rumors may not go away even after Kamoshida's admittance of wrongdoing, Anne worries about Shiho moving away but ultimately knows she will be okay and they'll always keep in touch.

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