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Devil Summoner TV VHS cover

Volume 1 VHS Cover

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (真・女神転生 デビルサマナー) is a live-action television series based on the 1995 video game of the same name. Originally commissioned for a thirteen episode run, popular demand resulted in a further series of thirteen episodes being produced. it was originally broadcast on TX Network in the late night timeslot as a late night horror drama series.[1]

Original RunEdit

  • TXN: October 4, 1997 - March 28, 1998
    • 1st Cool (season): October 4, 1997 - December 27, 1997
    • 2nd Cool (season): January 10, 1998 - March 28, 1998


The plot of the first season roughly follows the plot of Devil Summoner . For the second season, much of the story was original.[1]



Opening themes
Ending theme



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