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TokyoRequiem Title

Title Screen

Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Requiem (真・女神転生 東京鎮魂歌) is an RPG developed by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones.


  • Japan: April 27th, 2007 (iAppli)
  • Japan: August 1st, 2007 (S!Appli)
  • Japan: October 4th, 2007 (EZAppli)


Unlike many of the other mobile games, Tokyo Requiem was released in an episodic fashion, with a new chapter of the story being released every month over a period of six months. It features series staples such as demon negotiation and demonic fusion.

Demons can appear in groups of three different types. The map is displayed from a bird's eye view. The protagonist can have up to three members in his party.


The story begins in December 24, 201X in Tokyo. The protagonist is meeting his girlfriend for a date. Suddenly, he receives a mail on his mobile phone. Attached is a file called the D.I.O. System, a demon summoning program.

At that point, a flash of light passes before the pair's eyes. Tokyo is destroyed in a nuclear explosion. Tokyo's Information Systems collapse. Out of the mountain of debris, survivors encounter a countless number of strange beings.


Requiem 01
Requiem 02
Requiem 03
Requiem 04

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