Shin Megami Tensei: if... Hazama's Chapter is a cell phone game published in 2004 as a prequel to and retelling of Shin Megami Tensei: if...with alternative endings. The game explains how Hazama has ascended to become the Deity Emperor and sent Karukozaka High into the Expanse.


  • Ideo Hazama: A young vengeful boy, who becomes the Deity Emperor.
  • Tamaki Uchida: A powerful girl that wants to save her school.
  • Reiko Akanezawa: Hazama's younger sister, who wants to save her brother from Zurvan.
  • Yumi Shirakawa: A student of Karukozaka High, Tamaki's best friend.
  • Shinji Kuroi: Another student, who helps the party in order to get back home from the Expanse.
  • Akira Miyamoto: Hazama's rival.
  • Amon: The demon who possesses Akira in if.... He has made a contract with Hazama and aids him during the game.
  • Zurvan: An evil godly spirit that possessed Hazama, he is the final boss of the game should Tamaki make the right choices.


  • Hazama can use the COMP and cast magic when he is controlled during the first day.
  • The alignment system was tweaked from the original games in that alignment no longer influences negotiation (for example, you can recruit Chaos demons despite being Law aligned).
  • Despite its status as a prequel/retelling of if..., the gameplay of Hazama's Chapter is closer to Shin Megami Tensei II than the original if...; for example, the Guardian System from the original if... did not return.
  • The player can also control up to 2 major characters during exploration along with Hazama or Tamaki.


The game shows Hazama's bad life in his school, how he was betrayed by his first and only love and his relationship with Tamaki Uchida, Yumi Shirakawa, Reiko Akanezawa, and Charlie Kuroi, what happened to Hazama after being possessed by a spirit named "The Emperor" that lead to him becoming the Deity Emperor, and his rivalry with Akira Miyamoto.

After Karukozaka High is trapped in the Expanse, control switches over to Tamaki Uchida, and story plays out similar to the original "if..." except with one major difference, three endings not included in the original.

All Hazama's Chapter exclusive endings:Edit

  • Normal Ending: Tamaki refuses to take the Ring of Light, defeats Hazama, and forgives him. The school remains in the Expanse, but all students are safe from the demons.
  • Worst Ending: Tamaki refuses the Ring of Light, kills Hazama (don't forgive him) and Lucifer, but Zurvan is still alive. His power emanates from Lucifer's room, and instantly kills the party. With the school forever trapped in the Expanse, the students are doomed to die.