IV Final OST Cover

Soundtrack cover

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Original Soundtrack (真・女神転生IV FINAL オリジナル・サウンドトラック) is the soundtrack album for Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.


  • Japan: February 24, 2016

Track listingEdit

Disc.TrackOriginal titleEnglish translation Remark
1.03人外ハンター・テーマHunters's Theme
1.04錦糸町地下街Kinshicho Underground Mall
1.05人外ハンター商会Hunter Association
1.06錦糸町・錦糸公園Kinshicho - Kinshi Park
1.07Battle – f1 (通常戦闘)Battle - f1 (Normal Battle)
1.08レベルアップLevel Up
1.09Battle – f2 (中ボス戦闘)Battle - f2 (Mid-boss Battle)
1.10黄泉平坂Yomotsu Hirasaka
1.11ダグザ・テーマDagda's Theme
1.12ラージマップLarge Map
1.13妖精の森Fairy Forest
1.14回復の泉Healing Fount
1.15神田の社Kanda Shrine
1.16神田の社・石室Kanda Shrine - Stone Tomb
1.17多神連合・テーマDivine Powers's Theme
1.18Battle – f3 シェーシャBattle - f3 Shesha
1.20邪教の館Cathedral of Shadows
1.21イーストマッドネスEast Madness
2.01Battle – f4 多神連合Battle - f4 Divine Powers
2.03選択の時Time of Decision
2.04第三の選択Third Decision
2.05終幕の始まりBeginning of FinaleBGM of the Cosmic Egg
2.06Battle – f5 旧きものからの脱却Battle - f5 Retreat from the Old One
2.07Battle – f6 神殺しBattle - f6 Godslayer
2.08外なる宇宙Outer Universe
2.09Battle – f7 有らんとして在るものBattle - f7 Existence of All Things
2.10Battle – f8 神に仇成すものBattle - f8 One Who Stands Against God
2.11そろそろ、お別れだAlas, Farewell
2.12後の世界The World Afterward
2.13メイン・テーマMain Theme
2.14TD15_kgsk Remix of Diamond Realm for DLC
2.15coalescence 1212 Medley of various tracks
2.16TE02_8bit Track for video commentaries of mythologies

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