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Shinya Oda
Shinya Oda
Japanese Name 織田 信也
Romaji Oda Shin'ya
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana The Tower
Japanese VA Aki Kanada

Shinya Oda is a character from Persona 5.



Shinya wears his red cap hat that reads "Get Smoked", an elementary school backpack, a blue jacket that read "NOOBS".

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Shinya is an elementary school boy who plays at the arcade in Akihabara. He takes pride in his marvelous power in a certain online gun shooting game, and is known as the boy genius player. He seems to long for the “power” of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The protagonist met Shinya in an arcade and they play a shooting video game where Shinya was able to easily beat the protagonist.


  • Shinya shares the surname and first kanji of the given name with the infamous warlord Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長) in 16th Century. Nobunaga is known to introduce firearms to aid his military expansion.

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