Shio is clerk of the convenience store HeeHaw Mart, and a minor character that appears in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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Shio bears a resemblance identical to that of Anna, a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series, with her red hair pulled back into a ponytail and red eyes. She also commonly poses with a finger resting at her chin; a signature quirk of Anna's. Her convenience store uniform is blue with white stripes and accents, taking a cue from HeeHaw Mart's mascot, Jack Frost.

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Shio is a minor character who serves as a shop clerk that sells items to Itsuki and the others that will help them when exploring different dungeons. Her role in the game is another reference to the Fire Emblem character Anna, who has appeared in almost every entry in the series in some capacity; often as a shopkeeper or merchant.

After the first chapter is over, a second woman, identical to Shio, but wearing a Black Frost themed outfit and mask, appears at a closed counter in the store. Unlike the first Shio, she speaks like a Jack Frost and can only be seen by Mirage Masters. She also appears in the various Idolspheres, after their original chapter is finished, making requests for special mirage components. The two identical shopkeepers is yet another reference to Anna from the Fire Emblem series who, in Awakening, turned out to be over a dozen identical sisters all named Anna.

Gallery Edit

TMS Shio concept artwork
Concept artwork of Shio
SMT x FE Shio
Shio seen talking to Itsuki at the HeeMart.
SMTxFE Shio Black Frost uniform
The second Shio wearing a Black Frost work uniform