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Shomonkai Preaching

The Founder preaching the day before the Lockdown occurs.

The Shomonkai are a cultist group featured in Devil Survivor similar to the Order of Messiah of Shin Megami Tensei. They are firm believers in their faith and know more about the situation than anyone else, as well as handling the distribution of COMPs in order to spread more demons and form effective, loyal shocktrooper forces capable of performing in the dangerous environment of the Yamanote Lockdown. The group was founded by the Founder, who learned that God will one day enforce an ordeal upon mankind.

However, the religion is not without its dark side; they were involved in the disappearance of Haru's teacher Aya, and their knowledge of the happenings of the Lockdown stems from the fact they were partially responsible. Additionally, the COMPs they distribute are modified so they are useless against a higher Shomonkai COMP user. To cap it off, their deity is actually the demonic entity Belberith.

A major figure of the Shomonkai is Amane Kuzuryu, the maiden of the Shomonkai and the leader's daughter. Within her the angel Remiel and the contender for the Throne of Bel Jezebel fight over control over her actions as to sway the course the Shomonkai take in the war for the power of Bel.


Concept art of Shomonkai's members
Concept art of Shomonkai's members

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