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Shujin Gakuen Emblem

Syujin High's emblem

"True freedom lies within the constructs of society."
—Shujin Academy, Persona 5

Shujin Academy, known in the Japanese version as Syujin High School (秀尽学園高校, Shūjin Gakuen Kōkō)?, is one of the main settings of Persona 5. It is an elite prep school located in Aoyama-Itchome neighborhood.



Persona 5Edit

Shujin Academy is the school which the protagonist and his friends attend.

Known StudentsEdit

Known FacultyEdit

  • Mr. Kobayakawa: Principal.
  • Sadayo Kawakami: Japanese Language Teacher. Also Class 2-D's homeroom teacher.
  • Suguru Kamoshida: P.E. Teacher.
  • Mr. Ushimaru: Social Studies Teacher.
  • Mr. Hiruta: Biology Teacher.
  • Mr. Inui: History Teacher.
  • Ms. Chouno: English Teacher.
  • Ms. Usami: Math Teacher.
  • Mr. Yamauchi: new track team advisor.


Teacher's office
Shujin Gakuen Class
The protagonist's class, 2-D
P5 school grounds
School grounds
School grounds
P5 school courtyard
Front Gate
Concept artwork from Persona 5 Official Design Works
Concept artwork from Persona 5 Official Design Works
Shujin Male Winter Uniform
The school's winter uniform for male
Shujin Female Winter Uniform
The school's winter uniform for female
Shujin Summer Uniform
The school's summer uniform
P5 Protagonist concept art
The protagonist in the uniform
Male uniform
Female uniform


  • The school's name is a homophone of the Japanese word for prisoner, shūjin (囚人). However, the school's name is written with completely different characters, making it merely an oral pun. This was confirmed as a deliberate choice by Katsura Hashino in 2015.[1]
  • The school seems to be designed like a prison. For example, it is surrounded by a fence, the gate in front of the school seems to be the only way in and out, and the minimalist clock in front of the could symbolize how the students are forced to "serve time" like a prisoner does.
  • The school's uniforms are also vaguely reminiscent of being a prisoner; the suspenders could be interpreted as being prison bars. The plaid designs on the pants and skirts also could represent restriction.
  • In keeping with a running theme among the Persona series' school logos, the logo resembles the logo of a car manufacturer: in this case, the emblem resembles the logo for Citroën.



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